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Having a great company is like having a band. You want to give space for everyone to contribute and listen to what is happening.
In my thirty years in solar, I’m more excited than ever.
I hope to hear from you as we move forward into the clean energy future together. Drop me a line here if
you have ideas you’d like to see discussed here.
Powering the Future: Solar’s Surging Role in Meeting Growing Energy Demands
Dinner with Dan: Episode 5 – “Solar is taking coal jobs!”
Dinner with Dan: Episode 4 – “Solar Takes Up Too Much Land!”
Dinner with Dan: Episode 3 – “But what about nuclear? That’s reliable!”
Dinner with Dan: Episode 2 – “Solar isn’t reliable”
Dinner with Dan: Episode 1 – “Don’t all solar panels come from China?”
Dinner with Dan: Intro – ‘Solar Myths Debunked” video series
Honoring Pete Wheale on Making The Australian’s 100 Green Power Players List
On Scaling and Consistent Performance
On fixed structures versus solar trackers for the India market
A Visit to Ivanpah during RE+ 2023
Cultivating Renewable Growth: Leeward Renewable Energy and Nextracker’s 3 GW Solar Tracking Partnership
Empowering Solar Success: Pete Wheale’s Expedition with Nextracker in Australia
Nextracker Honored as Top Workplace by San Francisco Chronicle
Dan Shugar from Nextracker on terrain solutions
Video: NX Horizon-XTR, our all terrain solution has a unique architecture that supports incredible undulations
Domestic Manufacturing: Potential Asset for Community Acceptance
WSJ features Nextracker’s renewable solutions and local manufacturing efforts
Brazil depicts enormous potential for converting to renewable energy under the leadership of their next President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
Serving the NEXT mission with Nextracker veterans
United States helps stabilize Europe’s short term energy needs with cleaner gas exports
Visit to Winneke Water Treatment Solar Project near Melbourne, Australia installed with Australia’s first terrain-following tracker
The time is now for the European countries to accelerate the permitting process for renewable, storage, and transmission projects
With China in the lead, US and Europe eye off shore wind farms
Leaders from key solar organizations gather at the White House to celebrate the IRA passage
Hawaii’s shuts down its last coal plant
On Expanding our U.S. Manufacturing Footprint for More Renewable Power
Big News: We Just Announced a $500 Million Investment With the Transformational TPG RISE Climate Fund
California Energy Commission Drives Positive Change with a Recommended Goal of 6M Heat Pumps
Hail vs other catastrophic risks
Kent Whitfield from Nextracker raises and answers tough questions regarding hail and wind risks
Coal Plant Retirements Accelerate to the Benefit of the Environment
Shug Speaks with marco Miller
Nextracker’s Solar Dream Team with Marco Miller as the Chief Operating Officer
Portugal Announces Closing of the one Remaining Coal Plant two Years Earlier than Planned
Canada’s Largest Solar Project, Travers, Powered with Nextracker’s Optimized Solutions to maximize yield gains
Toyota Launches Electric SUV, Further Accelerating the Transition from ICE’s to EVs
Jigar Shah Joins the Biden-Harris Administration in the U.S. Department of Energy
Rivian Receives Gushing Review of Their New EV Truck Slated for Production in coming Months
Gates-Led Group Says Better Cables Could Halve U.S. Grid Emissions by 2030, reads Bloomberg
Largest Solar plant
Solar energy set to power GCC green recovery, decarbonisation strategy
Akon and Dan Shugar
Creating the Solar Decade
Solar, Wind Tax Credit Extensions are Boosting Clean Energy Industries
Tracking Since 2006
Nestlé Making Pizza and Pet Food with Reduced Carbon Emissions
SolarWakeup’s Yann Brandt Interviews Dan Shugar, CEO of Nextracker
Applaud GE for Flipping its Strategy on Power to Renewable Energy
sPower and Mortenson Achieved Commercial Operation of Pleinmont Solar 1 in Virginia
Celebrating Wisconsin’s First Large-Scale Solar Project Built by NextEra Energy and Blattner Energy (Video Inside)
In the West, Lightning Grows as a Cause of Damaging Fires, reads the NY Times
Dylan Green Interview with Dan Shugar, CEO and Founder of Nextracker
Dylan Green Interview with Dan Shugar, CEO of Nextracker on DEI and HR Initiatives
Embracing More Capital to Build a Strong Solar Neighborhood
Testimony of Dan Shugar Founder and CEO, Nextracker to House Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources
lightning storm
Pray for Rain and Work Hard to Limit CO2
A Seminal Bifacial White Paper on Deep Empirical Testing of Various 1P Designs
Embrace Renewable Energy and Embrace Core U.S. Values
Embrace Renewable Energy and Embrace Core U.S. Values
Renewables Didn't Cause California's Blackouts
Renewable Energy Didn’t Cause the California’s Blackouts
The US Installed More Solar in Q1 2020 Than Ever Before
OpEd : Texas Solar to Speed Economic Recovery With Safe Jobs, Affordable Power
Solar & Wind is a Marriage Made in Heaven
Powerhouse’s Emily Kirsch interviews Dan Shugar on Watt It Takes Podcast
Why Nextracker is More Than Just a Place to Work
Celebrating Southern Oak: Invenergy’s 100th renewable project (plus great video by RES Americas inside)
My Visit to Little Bear (210 MW) Construction Site During COVID-19
On Christian Roselund’s Article, “Zombie Coal”
Oil Companies Are Collapsing, but Wind and Solar Energy Keep Growing, reads the NY Times
A Tribute to Les Nelson, A True Solar Champion
Geeking Out On Fasteners
Solar Keeping the Lights on during COVID-19
Solar Keeping the Lights on During COVID-19
Nextracker : #1 Global Market Share For 5 Years (2015-’19)
There is a Huge Opportunity for the Offshore Oil Industry
Renewable Energy, and Contributions for Clean Air, Have Never Had Greater Urgency…
New York State, the World’s 11th-Biggest Economy Pitches Renewable Energy For COVID-19 Recovery
CEO Dan Shugar on Nextracker’s COVID-19 Response
Dan Shugar, Nextracker CEO, on Solar Trackers in Wind and the Terror of Torsional Galloping
Dan Shugar, Nextracker CEO, Riffs on Tracker Innovation, Bifacial Panels and Getting Acquired by Flex
Solar Plants
Nextracker Partners with Ørsted and Lincoln Clean Energy on 420 MW Permian
California Hits Pause on Steam Oil Recovery and Fracking
Rick Perry Leaves the U.S. DOE
Welcoming the Queen of Texas Solar, 316 MW Phoebe
SF Chronicle Op-ed: Loosening rules on coal plants is bad for the economy — and the planet
Forbes: Looking Beyond The First 20 Gigawatts Of Solar
Huge Win for Bifacial in the United States
Another Week, Another Trade Crisis
First Solar Tackles Innovation in Perrysburg, Ohio
New Nuclear is a Non-Starter. Here’s Why.
Inaugurating Our Expanded Bifacial Test Facility
Nextracker Achieves Global Market Share Leadership for Fourth Consecutive Year
MIT Club of Northern California: Pioneers of Clean Energy, Dan Shugar, Serial Entrepreneur
Nextracker CEO Dan Shugar talks innovation, solar’s evolution and more
White House Proposes Panel to Counter Global Consensus on Global Warming
kWh Analytics: #Solar100’s Dan Shugar: The Bono of Solar
Welcome to Shug Speaks
20 Years of Enthusiasm: Bifacial Testing and Validation
Germany Leading the EU in Taking on Renewables
COP24 Emerges with Global Consensus
Mount Signal 3 Solar Farm Roars to Life
Extending Congratulations to Decmil for 255 MW Sunraysia
Steel Tariff Implications: Reduction in Manufacturing in US
CA Wildfires as Part of Growing Trend
Suncast’s Nico Johnson Speaks with Dan Shugar
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