Large-Format Modules

Our solutions are optimized for Large-Format Modules
One of the most exciting recent innovations in PV module technology is the introduction of large-format modules (LFMs). The big modules offer increased power density and a lower bill of materials at scale. Due to their oversized dimensions and additional weight, these powerful, high-wattage products present mechanical, electrical and weather-related challenges, requiring specialized mounting configurations and optimization approaches. Every Tier 1 module company has certified Nextracker’s compatibility with their products.

Nextracker works closely with leading manufacturers to match the module with the tracker, to ensure:

Ease of installation
Reliable and Secure Integration | Icon
Reliable and secure integration
Lower LCOE
Maximized performance
Extreme Weather Resilience
Because of their size and weight, LFMs on trackers must undergo extensive testing and evaluation regarding the behavior, reliability, and performance in extreme weather conditions, such as high winds, hail, and snow.

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Close Partnerships
Nextracker partners closely with the module companies and with independent labs such as PVEL and RETC to optimize our tracker systems to reduce weather-related risks that will increase as climate change intensifies the severity of our weather conditions. Learn More
Module-first Protective Capabilities

Nextracker’s robust industry-leading suite of active and passive module-first protective capabilities include:

  • NX Navigator monitoring and control software
  • High-speed tracking
  • Fail-safe systems
  • Row-level control and data
  • Automatic defensive positioning during power loss
  • UPS
  • +/- 60 degree range of motion

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TrueCapture Split Boost for LFMs

LFMs incorporate advanced split-cell architectures and other innovations to help boost power outputs. To harvest more energy from the larger modules, Nextracker has developed Split Boost, a new mode for our TrueCapture yield enhancement software platform. This proprietary row-to-row tracking algorithm helps maximize the energy gain of the large-format, split-cell solar modules.

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