Nextracker announces two major new strategic Value-Added-Reseller Agreements

Today we announced two major new strategic Value-Added-Reseller Agreements, with our partners RPCS in the USA and Vergo Energy in Europe. Great VARs like these provide tremendous value to customers including design, kitting, inventory and logistics support, construction advisory services, and services. Especially with smaller projects, these services can simplify and accelerate project execution. While we have worked with RCPS and Vergo for years, these VAR Agreements take our relationships to the next level to support industry growth. Nextracker has been engaged in Distributed Generation (DG) since our founding, and globally we have over 600 DG projects delivered.

DG is near and dear to my heart. The first major technical paper I authored in solar was in 1990, called “Photovoltaics in the Utility Distribution System: The Evaluation of System and Distributed Benefits” and is available here..

This paper summarized a deep quantification of many benefits solar provides when distributed in the electric transmission and distribution system, including reduction of electric losses, thermal benefits to power lines and transformers, voltage support, and reliability increases, which afterwards we called in summary “solar grid-support”. These benefits were later empirically quantified and validated in the national PVUSA project with the US DOE, and this work served as an analytical underpinning for net metering in a number of regulatory proceedings.

We are thrilled to be scaling solar DG in the USA and abroad with such fantastic partners.


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