Best-in-Class Bifacial PV

Fully optimized bifacial solar tracker solutions installed worldwide

Bifacial’s Compelling Value Proposition

Bifacial PV modules are one of the most promising performance-enhancing technologies for large-scale solar. By harvesting energy from both sides of the same module with the right site conditions, appropriate albedo (ground reflectance), and optimized module design, bifacial PV installed on solar trackers will boost plant output by a significant margin.

Validated PVsyst Modeled Performance in the Real World

  • PVsyst bifacial modeling tested and validated by Nextracker engineers
  • 5-7% energy gain in low-albedo conditions
  • 10-12% energy gain in high-albedo conditions
  • Up to 1.67% energy-gain advantage compared to other 1P single-axis tracker designs
  • Findings peer-reviewed by top-tier testing labs such as PVEL and NREL


Techren 2 Solar Power Plant
Case Study

Leading Developers Choose Nextracker’s Bifacial Solution
  • Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar, Dubai (1 GW)
  • Andrade Gute Janaúba solar park, Brazil (830 MW)
  • Sol de Cerrado solar complex, Brazil (766 MW)
  • Western Downs solar farm, Australia (460 MW)
  • Techren II solar project, United States (251 MW)

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