Solar & Wind is a Marriage Made in Heaven

A vision for majority renewable energy was presented by Chris Brown, President of Vestas and American Wind Energy Association chair at the Clean Power conference.

If this seems overly optimistic, think again. California is already over 75% toward this reality, and the economics of solar, wind, and storage are enabling coal, nukes, (and increasingly gas) to be replaced at scale.

For the “we need baseload when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow” crowd, many of the new renewable projects include on-site storage, and the role of hydro, transmission, smart load control, and V2G EV dispatch will enable the majority renewable vision. It is noteworthy how much progress has been made in capacity factors of wind and solar (especially with the trackers, adaptive tracking, and bifacial over the last few years.

Solar & wind is a marriage literally made in heaven and wonderful to see this vision.

Please reference the GTM article with quotes from Abby Hopper (CEO of Solar Energy Industries Association) and Kelly Speakes-Backman (CEO of Energy Storage Association).