Embrace Renewable Energy and Embrace Core U.S. Values

Embrace Renewable Energy and Embrace Core U.S. Values

As a clean energy advocate, I was thrilled to see 15 minutes of the DNC on clean energy (link below) and electric mobility to create jobs, save money for consumers, and stem global warming. Focus on Advanced Energy Economy with infrastructure investments, including renewable power and EV charging.

I would be even more thrilled if the RNC pivots from policies of subsidizing coal and other pollutants to advocating for renewables with a job and energy security purpose. Environ stewardship was born in the GOP by Pres. Lincoln & Roosevelt, and energy security supported as a non-partisan issue by many past presidents. Unfortunately, those policies were subverted by the financial interests of polluting industries. In 2012 the RNC had a “Drill Baby Drill” chant, shortly followed by the Deep Water Horizon Gulf explosion and 210 million gal oil spill. 2016 RNC platform focused on restoring coal (4 yrs later, down 50%), aborting the Clean Power Plan, withdrawing from Paris Accord, and abolishing the EPA and protections for clean air & water, and supporting Keystone (blocked by Supreme Court).

The GOP should strategically embrace renewables which embody core U.S. values – innovation, independence, jobs, and the outdoors.


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(.https://lnkd.in/gfqV8Ki. See 1:11 to 1:26)