Advanced Monitoring and Control Software

The most sophisticated software ecosystem in the tracker industry
Our field-proven TrueCapture™ and NX Navigator™ advanced monitoring and control platforms are the foundation of the most advanced software ecosystem in the solar tracker sector. They’ve been validated by independent engineers, embraced by financial institutions and developers, and successfully deployed across tens of gigawatts of solar power systems worldwide.



Nextracker’s Advanced Software Solution

The pairing of high-performing PV systems infrastructure with Nextracker’s advanced software and data analytics platforms provides:

Software Offerings

Our advanced solar tracker control and monitoring software systems, TrueCapture and NX Navigator:

  • boost solar plant production
  • improve monitoring and control capabilities
  • mitigate the risk of inclement weather conditions such as hailstorms, hurricanes, and snow
  • enhance owner return on investment
TrueCapture: Boosting Solar Power Plant Production

TrueCapture helps boost plant performance by correcting for shading and diffuse light conditions, resulting in lower LCOE and maximized financial returns.

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NX Navigator: Mitigating Extreme Weather Risk
NX Navigator helps maintain optimum tracker equipment health and availability, while offering best-in-class safety defense can extreme weather risk mitigations. Learn More