Software Intelligence, Optimized Control

Turning Data into More Gigawatt Hours (GWh) and Lower O&M Costs

Our patented, field-proven advanced monitoring and control software has been validated by independent engineers, embraced by financial institutions and developers, and successfully deployed across gigawatts of solar power systems worldwide.

Advanced monitoring and control software

Real-time analysis and diagnosis

Optimized energy harvest and plant performance

Maximize financial returns

By pairing high-performing PV systems infrastructure with advanced software and data analytics platforms, Nextracker equips power plant owners and operators with the ability to more accurately forecast energy goals by delivering consistent and reliable data-driven performance, extended system lifetime, enhanced solar plant efficiency, and maximized financial returns. By seeing into the electrical and mechanical health of our trackers at each plant, we enhance our real-time analysis and diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to be more proactive on our customers’ behalf.

Our advanced solar tracker control and monitoring software systems, TrueCapture™ and NX Navigator™, boost solar plant production, improve monitoring and control capabilities, mitigate the risk of inclement weather conditions such as hailstorms, hurricanes and snow, and enhance owner return on investment. Read our white paper, “Mitigating Extreme Weather Risk Part 1: Understanding How Differentiated Design and Control Strategies Unlock New Opportunities for Solar Development”, click here.

TrueCapture: Adapting to the Real World

The TrueCapture™ intelligent, self-adjusting tracker control system has been field-proven to increase typical PV power plant energy harvest by up to 6 percent. The smart tracker yield optimization system boosts solar power plant production by continuously optimizing the tracking algorithm of each individual row in response to site features and changing weather conditions.

Predictive Control Software: TrueCapture combines advanced sensor, weather forecasting and machine-learning technologies to maximize energy yield. With its smart data capture and model-based predictive control software, TrueCapture helps customers maximize the benefits of their Nextracker systems, generating more revenues with higher energy yields, better availability, and lower operating costs.

Better Performance in Difficult Conditions: The real world isn’t flat, and a growing number of solar project sites feature uneven or undulating terrain. TrueCapture continuously dispatches optimal tracking algorithms to each tracker row, correcting for shading anomalies caused by uneven ground and changing weather conditions. The increase in power production widens the “shoulders” of the power production curve for any given day, resulting in better performance and lower LCOE.

Machine-Learning, Optimized Tracking: Proprietary smart panel sensors provide real-time shading information on each tracker row, which is then processed by machine-learning software to build a virtual 3D model. TrueCapture’s intelligent control engine integrates the model with the latest meteorological data to calculate and send optimized tracking commands to every row.

NX Navigator: Operational Control and Risk Mitigation

NX Navigator software gives utility-scale PV plant owners another layer of monitoring and control beyond TrueCapture, increasing production yield, and enabling reliable operation across a wide range of severe weather conditions.

Real-Time Sitewide Monitoring: Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface, NX Navigator helps plant managers monitor timely sitewide information of key parameters. Precise array and angular value data are collected at the site, subfield, and individual tracker levels. Plant operators can instantly locate the tracker equipment on a digital sitemap, select and command PV arrays into various maintenance modes, filter and identify various tracker states on the digital map, and analyze irradiance and tracker angle heat maps.

O&M Command and Control: NX Navigator allows authorized PV plant operators to schedule maintenance operations such as cleaning and mowing, and instantly command the tracker for extreme weather events such as hail, hurricanes, and heavy snow.

Hailstorm Risk Mitigation: In the case of hail, a single operator command will rapidly put the entire solar array into a safe 60-degree stow angle. Hail cannon tests conducted at the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) show that this action will have the benefit of tripling the hail resistance of PV modules compared to a horizontal angle, dramatically reducing damage potential. In the case of snow shed, an authorized operator can preschedule up to two snow shed operations in a single day, increasing production by reducing snow cover on solar panels.

TrueCapture Data Sheet
NX Navigator Data Sheet
TrueCapture is very intelligent technology. Not only do we get more production - three and a half percent in this case - the panel’s get more sun than they got before we operated it without TrueCapture. We are getting materially more production adjusted for solar irradiance. For an owner like us, that’s super valuable.— Bryan Martin, CEO D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments
TrueCapture provides for a genuine uplift on the energy yield on our southeast U.S. projects, which affects the financing of the projects in a positive way.— Johan Vanhee, Chief Commercial Officer & Chief Procurement Officer with Origis Energy
Nextracker offers one of the most innovative and bankable tracker solutions in the solar market. We actively seek to stay ahead of the curve, as we continue our mission to deliver low-cost, clean energy to Latin America.—  Carlos Barrera, CEO and co-founder of Atlas Renewable Energy