The Next Frontier for Solar and Agriculture

Solar solutions that benefit farming communities and biodiversity

Farming communities that want to be part of the solar revolution need solutions that maintain topsoil health and improve natural ecosystems. That’s why Nextracker specifically designed its AgriPV solution to enhance agricultural practices and preserve biodiversity. Our proven independent row design architecture and light on land approach to utility-scale solar trackers provides farmers a new source of revenue that benefits both the environment and their local communities.

Solutions for AgriPV Applications

Combining industry leading solar tracker performance with highly configurable solutions for a wide variety of AgriPV applications:

  • Independent-row architecture simplifies harvesting and O&M
  • NX Horizon-XTR terrain-following solar tracker protects topsoil and local habitat
  • Integrated software enables operational control for harvesting, cattle grazing and other needs in the field
  • High-quality solar tracker engineering eliminates costly maintenance
Implementation of Third-Party Verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Certification from the Carbon Trust
Increase Land Use Efficiency

The dual land use supported by AgriPV brings together utility-scale solar and agriculture on the same land for greater benefits all around. While cattle grazing provides a natural, economic way to maintain vegetation, agriculture improves solar performance with less dust on a cooler project site. Solar arrays also help reduce wind and protect crops from late-afternoon scalding.

Preserve Biodiversity

With our terrain-following solar tracking system that minimizes soil disturbance, native flora and fauna continues to flourish, while keeping land farmable and supporting healthy ecosystems. Plus, pollinator applications help increase the productivity of surrounding agriculture areas.

Implementation of Third-Party Verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Certification from the Carbon Trust
Support Regenerative Agriculture

AgriPV reduces evapotranspiration by providing shade and reducing overall water usage. By eliminating cut-and-fill earthwork and helping maintain hearty vegetation, our AgriPV solutions also contribute to maintaining or improving soil health.

Engage with Local Communities

AgriPV projects are designed to address the unique needs and preferences of rural communities through collaboration with farmers and other agricultural stakeholders. For landowners and project developers, this approach can simplify the path for project permitting and community acceptance. Learn how we engage with some of our local communities in Australia here.

Implementation of Third-Party Verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Certification from the Carbon Trust
Create Jobs in Rural Areas

In rural areas where agriculture is the primary economic activity, integrating solar and farming
not only keeps or creates jobs, it also generates additional revenue for farmers. At Nextracker we are committed to driving the clean energy transition that benefits both environment and local economies.

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We want partners that understand these projects have to create economic annuities and cultural annuities with the communities they’re in, and agrivoltaics is that. We want people to innovate with us and build the solar future with us. Nextracker is a big partner for us in that.”
Yuri Horwitz
Founder and CEO, Sol Systems