Welcoming the Queen of Texas Solar, 316 MW Phoebe

Nextracker was thrilled to partner on 315 MWdc Phoebe, Texas’ new largest installed solar project. The Texas solar market has been one of the most dynamic and aggressive markets in the entire country, and “is redefining what it big means in this industry with big contracts, big battery project and especially big solar installations,” states PV Magazine’s Tim Sylvia.

This landmark project was developed by Longroad Energy Partners, with First Solar S-6 module technology, Power Electronics HEM 3000 inverters, and Nextracker’s NX Horizon smart solar trackers, and is now owned by Innergex.

“Not only is Phoebe larger than anything seen in The Republic, but it currently represents 8% of all solar generation capacity in Texas. This is impressive especially when you consider scope. We’ve talked ad nauseam about projects that represent X% of a state’s total installed solar capacity. Usually, those projects are ∼150 MW in a state that has less than 300 MW in total installed capacity. However, given the context that Texas is already a sizable market, one project representing 8% of that market is more than noteworthy.”

Read this solid article from Tim Sylvia here.

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