Module Compatibility

Nextracker systems are compatible and integrated with every Tier 1 module. We work closely with our partners to optimize the attachment and positioning of their modules into our smart solar tracking systems and collaborate on next-generation technologies in our R&D facilities. Our systems provide industry-leading performance and reliability when paired with bifacial and large-format crystalline-silicon modules and First Solar thin-film PV modules.

Bifacial PV

Optimized for Performance

Bifacial PV modules are one of the most promising performance-enhancing technologies for large-scale solar. By harvesting energy from both sides, bifacial PV installed on solar trackers will boost plant output by a significant margin. Learn More

Large Format Modules (LFM)

Optimized for LFM
One of the most exciting recent innovations in PV module technology is the introduction of large-format modules. The big modules offer increased power density and a lower bill of materials at scale. Due to their oversized dimensions and additional weight, these powerful products present mechanical, electrical and weather-related challenges, requiring specialized mounting configurations and optimization approaches. Every Tier 1 module company has certified Nextracker’s compatibility with their products. Learn More

First Solar

History of Collaboration with First Solar
Nextracker and First Solar have been working together since the early days of our company’s founding. There are more than 10 GW of First Solar thin-film PV modules installed on Nextracker tracking systems . Nextracker’s NX Horizon, NX Horizon-XTR, and NX Gemini trackers are fully integrated with First Solar Series 6™ thin-film modules with module rails specifically optimized for different sizes and weights. Learn More

Download our Bifacial

Quantifying Your Bifacial Gains