Extreme Weather Risk Mitigation

Taking it to extremes: Nextracker’s weather resiliency solutions

While the solar industry has made strides in designing for and adapting to extreme weather, more still needs to be done. Natural Catastrophe (NATCAT) events are on the rise and unfortunately impacting utility-scale solar projects with substantial damage claims.

Introducing NX Horizon Hail Pro™

Protect Solar Projects from Hail with Nextracker’s NX Horizon Hail Pro™. The NX Horizon Hail Pro offers an industry-first solar tracker solution to the threat of hailstorms for utility-scale solar installations. This holistic package builds on Nextracker’s industry-leading NX Horizon™ solar tracker platform and adds new hardware features, software tools, and optional services to provide maximum protection against hail.

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Defensive Stowing Strategies
With each site comes a unique severe weather risk profile, so optimizing defensive stowing strategies for hurricanes, high winds, hail, floods, snow, extreme temperatures, or any combination is one of the most needed features on trackers today. Nextracker has worked through many different scenarios to better protect your power plant.
NX Horizon + NX Navigator: a complete severe weather solution

NX Horizon + NX Navigator arms power plant operators with advanced operational tools and defensive stowing capabilities against severe weather. This suite of active controls offers the industry’s most robust tracker and software solution for extreme weather mitigation.

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NX Navigator: Empowering System Operators with Better Planning and Response Capability

NX Navigator provides system operators with an easy-to-use suite of severe weather management tools, seamlessly integrated with the power plant’s overall tracker monitoring and control functions.

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NX Navigator provides the operators and asset owners with:

Cost savings with proactive contingency planning
An actionable platform to tailor, plan and manage severe weather response protocols
Real-Time control & monitoring
Intelligent Stowing with Integrated UPS

With self-powered controls, wireless communications and an integrated UPS on every tracker row, stowing remains functional even during grid power outages, which are most likely to occur during severe weather events.