Tracking Since 2006

Happy holidays and New Year from Nextracker Inc.!

The system shown in this recent photo is a project we completed in 2006 (at the prior company PowerLight), a single axis tracker and a fixed PV system designed by Logan Granger helping power the Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant near my home in Pacifica CA. The PV system is still tracking as designed- in this photo backtracking at sunset.

Water transportation and treatment is one of the largest energy consumers and this project pioneered both solar trackers for this application with innovative treatment techniques, cleaning 4M gallons daily. Wastewater flows by gravity to Linda Mar and Sharp Park stations and then pumped to the Calera Creek Plant. The sequencing batch reactors combine the basins for aeration and clarification, which are separate at most older plants. Avoiding chlorine enabled water use for wetlands as the final stage. This model for wetlands was developed for this project and is now the standard used by many resource agencies (including EPA) for wetlands restoration.

Thirty acres of wetlands, riparian vegetation, and coastal scrub were restored in the process, which now provides habitat for animals as part of the local coastal trails network.


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