Intelligent Monitoring

Another Nextracker edge: monitoring, optimization and control

The field-proven TrueCapture™ and NX Navigator™ advanced monitoring, optimization and control platforms are the foundation of the most advanced software ecosystem in the solar tracker sector. They’ve been validated by independent engineers, embraced by financial institutions and developers, and successfully deployed across tens of gigawatts of solar power systems worldwide.

The pairing of high-performing PV systems infrastructure with Nextracker’s advanced software and data analytics platforms provides:

Cybersecure advanced monitoring, optimization and control software
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Real-time analysis and diagnosis
Optimized energy harvest and plant performance
Lower LCOE
Large annualized revenue gains
Nextracker Software Solutions
TrueCapture and NX Navigator boost solar plant production, improve monitoring and control capabilities, mitigate the risk of inclement weather conditions such as hailstorms, hurricanes and snow, and enhance owner return on investment. Learn More

Latest TrueCapture Innovation Split Boost

The latest innovation to the TrueCapture platform, Split Boost is a proprietary row-to-row tracking algorithm that helps maximize the energy gain of large-format, split-cell solar modules.

  • Takes advantage of the split-cell modules’ electrical architecture and inherent shade tolerance.
  • Intelligently adjusts how the tracker rows interact with each other to increase irradiance on the top half of the modules.
  • Enhances energy capture during the early and latter parts of the day.

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Synergy with Bifacial Technology
Bifacial technology works in conjunction with TrueCapture and can enhance energy gain annually, up to 2% on top of the maximum potential of 6% gain. Learn More