First Solar Partnership

History of collaboration with First Solar
Nextracker and First Solar have been working together since the early days of our company’s founding. Millions of First Solar thin-film PV panels are installed on Nextracker tracking systems across utility-scale solar plants. Nextracker’s NX Horizon, NX Horizon-XTR, and NX Gemini trackers are fully integrated with First Solar Series 6 (FSLR6)™ thin-film modules with module rails specifically optimized for different sizes and weights. This technology includes unique mounting features for maximum installation speed and reliability.
First Solar Series 6 (FSLR6) Modules
FSLR6 panels also see increased energy yields when using the diffuse mode of our TrueCapture software. FSLR6 modules are easy and fast to install on our trackers and can be mounted using the standard module frame slots.
First Solar Series 6 (FSLR6) Panel Rails
Nextracker’s FSLR6 panel rails self-locate into the correct position to support the frames of two adjacent modules. The panel rails include pre-assembled clamps, which secure the two adjacent Series 6 modules.
Features and benefits of NX Horizon trackers paired with First Solar Series 6 modules include:
  • Rapid module installation
  • Error-proof rail alignment
  • Secure mounting and grounding
  • More modules (up to 96) per row
  • Site condition flexibility
  • Standard and custom wind solutions available
  • Site slope up to 15% north-south slope
  • Multiple anti corrosion coating options
  • 42 inches of flood clearance standard
  • TrueCapture diffuse mode yield gains