NEXTracker Gets A+ from Customers on Hurricane Irma Report Card

When the U.S.  government declared a state of emergency in advance of Hurricane Irma’s arrival on September 8, we knew what was at stake for the 33 NEXTracker solar projects (or 24,000 tracker rows) that would be affected by the impending high winds and flood waters. Read more.


NEXTracker’s Supply Chain Maestros Turn Complexity into Beautiful Music

There may be no more compelling visual proof of the arrival of large-scale solar as a legitimate energy-generation source than the sight of thousands of solar trackers stretching as far as the eye can see. The technology involved, the quality and reliability designed into the systems, and the coordinated construction process required to achieve this kind of triple-digit megawatt scale are impressive. But none of these grand projects would be possible if not for the unsung heroes behind the scenes managing our global supply chain and sourcing operations.

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Why Design Matters for Solar O&M

Whether you’re a project owner, developer or EPC, your focus is on the bottom line in the short and long term, and that’s why solar tracking design is so important today—and 20-30 years from now. Your tra…

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