On Scaling and Consistent Performance

It was gratifying to see Nextracker Inc. as “the highest percentage change in share price from IPO, for select U.S. IPOs in 2023” as reported by the The Wall Street Journal (11/13/23). We view this as a win not only for NXT but all solar and renewable power. To accomplish our mission of a renewably powered world, we as an industry need to scale massively, and that will take a lot of capital. We encourage sound and consistent performance of public renewable power companies to maximize investment into the sector.

But ultimately it is customers who enable our success; Nextracker achieves it by listening closely to customer needs, innovating to deliver tangible value, and relentlessly executing to solve customer requirements. Together we are transforming the way electricity is generated toward clean power, and delivering exemplary shareholder returns in the process. Those double bottom-line outcomes are what we need to accelerate the energy transition.