Video: NX Horizon-XTR, our all terrain solution has a unique architecture that supports incredible undulations

Dan Shugar from Nextracker on terrain solutions

“Zero grading” of the solar array site was achieved in this Nextracker Inc. NX Horizon XTR (Extreme Terrain Following site), at the Winneke Solar Farm, according to Beon Energy Solutions project manager Ben Clark-Ash. Seeing is believing, and I had the pleasure to visit the site and shoot this video a few weeks ago near Melbourne, Australia.

We had already been fielding NX Horizon NX for several years and over 3 gigawatts when we announced the product last March. NX’s unique architecture supports the incredible undulations shown in the video. We appreciate our great EPC partners who supported the successful development at the Winneke site, with NX’s Maria Dolores Cook, project manager, and James Butcher, Manager of Engineering Services supporting our clients.

Producing clean power and driving the electrification of energy use is a good thing. But HOW we build our products and projects is equally important. In this project, we preserved the fragile topsoil, which was critical due to the project’s proximity to a drinking water reservoir. And respecting the cultural heritage requirements of these lands.

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