Embracing More Capital to Build a Strong Solar Neighborhood

Congratulations to Archtech, Array Technologies, and Soltec for their recent IPOs and/or public filings, collectively bringing enthusiastic investment capital for a collective market cap of $7B to the industry.

A friend recently shared that building a great company is like having a fantastic home, which is nice, but even better if your home is in an excellent neighborhood. More capital for R&D, capacity expansion, and supporting market growth are pillars of a strong solar neighborhood.

These companies are serving the utility-scale solar segment which has delivered an exemplary performance in cost reduction, reliability, and clean solar power – now the lowest cost of any energy source in many locations. Divestment of coal, oil, and extraction industries are bringing more investor appetite to renewables at the perfect time.

In the U.S. we need to double down on smart policy to ensure solar of all flavors continues its strong growth. More tariffs and subversion of free power principles could be limit growth just as we are winning the transformation to clean energy. Engage and support clean energy investment and policy.

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