Suncast’s Nico Johnson Speaks with Dan Shugar

In this interview, Nico Johnson of Suncast launched what he calls the Solar Pioneers series. This interview is packed with information on how Dan thinks about starting and scaling a business. Along the way, we touch on:

  • Dan’s roots as an engineer and researcher and how that has influenced his career path and leadership style
  • The 3 keys to growth of any start-up
  • The practical side of institutionalizing a corporate culture that is both aggressive and forgiving, empowering yet accountable, fun and fast-paced with industry-leading low turnover
  • Dan’s thoughts on squeezing even more power out of PV power plants, including machine learning
  • and so much more.

The Shug returns for round 2 covering the below topics:

  • The similar evolution of the Auto and Solar industries.
  • The Best Advice Dan has been given by his Mentors.
  • Advice to budding Entrepreneurs.
  • The book Dan has given away the most.
  • What’s in Dan’s crystal ball?

Interested in Nico’s breakdown of the full two-part interview? Check it out here and here.