Nestlé Making Pizza and Pet Food with Reduced Carbon Emissions

Photo Credit:  7X Energy

250 MWac Taygete 1, part of 7X Energy, Inc.‘s 1,350 MWac development, is operating now. Congratulations 7X, Swinerton Renewable EnergyJinkoSolar (U.S.) Inc.! What is especially innovative is Nestle’s role as a tax equity investor, as well as the renewable electricity attributes purchaser of the project to achieve GHG emission targets, and using solar to manufacture specific consumer products:

“Nestlé is the sole tax equity investor for the Taygete I. This investment represents the company’s largest direct investment in a renewable energy project to date. In addition to its tax equity investment, Nestlé will purchase 100% of the renewable electricity attributes generated by the project’s energy production, estimated to be 750,000-megawatt-hours per year for 15 years. This renewable energy will help the company reduce carbon emissions while making household favorites like DiGiorno® pizza, Sweet Earth® meals, Purina® pet food”.

This project uses Nextracker Inc. smart tracker with advanced software such as TrueCapture and NX Navigator.

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