Renewable Energy Didn’t Cause the California’s Blackouts

Renewables Didn't Cause California's Blackouts

Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Deaton, Fast Company

Check out the article from Jeremy Deaton published on Fast Company and the letter from the California Energy Commission and California Public Utilities Commission to the Governor stating the rolling blackout that happened last Monday is NOT attributable to renewable energy. Quote from the letter and actions they are looking at is shown below:

“Collectively, our organizations want to be clear about one factor that did not cause the rotating outage: California’s commitment to clean energy. Renewable energy did not cause the rotating outages. Our organizations understand the impacts wind and solar have on the grid. We have already taken many steps to integrate these resources, but we clearly need to do more. Clean energy and reliable energy are not contradictory goals.”

Review areas include:
• Sufficiency of existing incentives and penalty structure for deterring nonperformance of reliability resources;
• Demand forecasts and how they are utilized in resource planning;
• Review of interagency coordination on summer reliability planning and assessment;


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