Featured Projects

Longobayo, Kenya
Malindi Solar
Located on the Kenyan coast, the Malindi Solar plant is one of the largest utility-solar farms in East Africa. As the first major solar project of its kind in the area, Malindi faced a number of challenges. Nextracker and our partners successfully managed the project, training local installers and planning meticulously to help alleviate the low availability of tooling in the area.The plant now sends enough clean power to the Kenyan grid to meet the annual energy needs of 250,000 customers.
Mojave Desert, California, USA
Beacon 5 (TrueCapture)
A sitewide validation of TrueCapture took place at Beacon 5, part of a five-project portfolio located in the Mojave Desert north of Los Angeles. After a year of testing, the results showed significant benefits of TrueCapture, with a performance gain of 2.21% independently validated by Black & Veatch. TrueCapture’s ability to mitigate the losses caused by inter-row shading and diffuse irradiance resulted in a higher energy generation yield at the plant.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Sakaka Solar Park
The 405 MW-DC Sakaka Solar Park is the first utility-scale solar project built in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As the first large-scale solar project in Saudi Arabia, there were major challenges in supply chain materials sourcing, labor force and training, and site conditions. Nextracker worked closely with the developer and EPC teams to provide project management, foundation design changes, construction best practices, and expedited commissioning.
Coahuila, Mexico
Sprawled across more than 23 square kilometers (9 square miles) of arid desert in Coahuila, Mexico, the grid-connected 828 MW Villanueva solar power plant represents a pinnacle of innovation, quality, supply chain management, and logistical orchestration. The yearly output of the plant surpasses 1,850 gigawatt-hours of energy, enough electricity to annually meet the consumption needs of over 1.4 million Mexican households and offset more than a million tons of carbon emissions.
Australia’s mining industry is steadily shifting its preferred fuel source from diesel to renewables, driven by cost-efficiencies, the security of local supply, and investor pressure. With energy accounting for up to 40% of a mine site’s expenditure, miners are looking to lock in more cost-effective solutions with the highest availability to meet their energy needs. System reliability and uptime top the mining industry’s energy supply priorities, owed to the high cost of lost productivity. With unbeatable uptime across our global fleet, Nextracker’s superior quality, reliability and extreme weather resilience offer mining companies the most reliable source of renewable energy in the market.
Atacama, Chile
Providing clean, renewable power to one of the largest copper producers in the world, the Javiera project is installed high in the remote Atacama desert in Chile. Solar, it would seem, is meant for the desert. But that doesn’t make installing a major 69 MW utility project any easier, especially when you are working in the driest non-polar desert on the planet, a location often compared to Mars.
Lafayette, Alabama, USA
TrueCapture Smart Control System
Completed in 2018, this plant has specific site challenges with terrain undulation and diffuse light conditions that can reduce production, and has seen significant energy optimization benefits by using TrueCapture.
Nevada, USA
Techren 2 (bifacial PV)
The 251 MW Techren 2 solar power plant, located 25 miles southeast of Las Vegas, taps into one of the most innovative new solar technology pairings: bifacial modules and solar trackers. Using Nextracker’s NX Horizon™ smart solar tracker solution with a combination of Canadian Solar and LONGi bifacial modules, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partner Swinerton Renewable Energy (SRE) and developer Clenera are taking solar PV yield gain to the next level by optimizing system design in response to site conditions and environmental factors.
Huron, California
California Agriculture & Solar
Solar farms are being installed at a rapid rate in California thanks to the experience and dedication of CalCom Solar. CalCom Solar is a design-build company, focused exclusively on solar energy systems for agriculture and water. They design and install systems that off set the high electrical demands of agricultural production while helping customers to reduce operational expenses, improve their bottom line, and farm more sustainably.
Multiple Projects
600MW+ Combined
Experience a story of triumph, captured through the solar farms powering Australia’s clean energy future, and the people behind them in Nextracker’s award-winning Beyond the Burn series. Led by acclaimed Australian Geographic photographer, storyteller, and adventurer Ralph Alphonso, the expedition traversed rural New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Covering 4,000 km over the course of a month, Ralph takes us on a photographic journey. To experience the large-scale solar revolution taking place in the beautiful back country of Australia, check out the Beyond the Burn page here.
Beyond the Burn
Experience a story of triumph, captured through the solar farms powering Australia’s clean energy future, and the people behind them. Led by acclaimed Australian Geographic photographer, storyteller and adventurer Ralph Alphonso, the expedition traverses rural New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Covering 4000 kms over a period of a month, Ralph will take us on a photographic journey. Learn More