NX Horizon

The number-one smart solar tracker in the world

Powered by world-class engineering, technology innovation, and comprehensive global support services, we have delivered more than 90 GW of NX Horizon systems for projects on six continents. NX Horizon’s advanced feature set, integrated hardware and software, ease of installation, field-proven weather durability, and LCOE-enhancing operating performance have made it the gold standard for developers, EPCs, asset owners, and other utility-solar stakeholders.

Nextracker Horizone Data Sheet

NX Horizon
Data Sheet

Advanced Tracker-in-Motion Design
  • Highly engineered mass-balance rotation instead of reliance on rotational torque energy
  • Rugged slew-drive motor with proven reliability across many industries
  • Maximum solar energy capture with up to 120° tracker range of motion

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Fast and Easy Installation
Leverage simple but robust hardware that features self-aligning module rails, vibration-proof fasteners, and PowerworX training provided by Nextracker. Download Datasheet
Certification from the Carbon Trust
Implementing Global Decarbonization Standards
Our NX Horizon low carbon solution reduces carbon footprint by up to 35% compared to conventional imported Nextracker tracker systems. With third-party verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) adhering to global industry standards, our customers can understand the carbon footprint and other environmental impact of our products through their entire lifecycle. Learn More


Innovative self-adjusting tracker control and yield optimization system

  • Accurate row-to-row backtracking
  • Avoid inter-row shading
  • Diffuse light production gains
  • Potential 6% energy enhancement
  • Large annual revenue gains and lower LCOE

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Bifacial-Ready Features

Bifacial PV modules are one of the most promising performance-enhancing technologies for large-scale solar. By harvesting energy from both sides of the same module with the right site conditions, appropriate albedo (ground reflectance), and optimized module design, bifacial PV installed on solar trackers will boost plant output by a significant margin.

High-rise rails
Bearing gaps
Wire management
Drive-system gap
Proven bifacial performance gains

NX Navigator Industry-Leading Precision Monitoring and Control

NX Navigator software gives utility-scale PV plant owners another layer of monitoring and control beyond TrueCapture, increasing production yield, and enabling reliable operation across a wide range of severe weather conditions.