The Industry-Leading NX Horizon

50 GW globally installed, under construction or under fulfillment

NX Horizon
The Number-One Smart Solar Tracker in the World

On the back of the widespread adoption of our workhorse NX Horizon™ smart solar tracker, Nextracker has been the number-one global market-share tracker company for five years and counting, according to global research firms WoodMackenzie and IHS Markit. Powered by world-class engineering, technology innovation and comprehensive global support services, we have delivered or fulfilled close to 50 GW of NX Horizon systems for projects on six continents, including some of the largest solar farms in the world. NX Horizon’s advanced feature set, integrated hardware and software, ease of installation, field-proven weather durability and LCOE-enhancing operating performance has made it the gold standard for developers, EPCs, asset owners and other utility-solar stakeholders.

Decentralized Architecture

  • Pioneer of the independent-row single-axis tracker system
  • Able to commission each row in advance of site power and eliminates need for power cable run
  • Unlinked tracker rows allow for east-west terrain-following flexibility
  • North-south maximum slope: 15%
  • Self-powered to preserve uptime during O&M
  • Super-efficient robotic cleaning

Patented Tracker-in-Motion Design

  • Highly engineered mass-balance rotation instead of reliance on rotational torque energy
  • Rugged slew-drive motor with proven reliability across many industries
  • Maximum solar energy capture with up to 120° tracker range of motion

Fast and Easy Installation

Leverage simple but robust hardware that features self-aligning module rails, vibration-proof fasteners and PowerWorX training provided by NX.

TrueCapture™ Innovative Self-Adjusting Tracker Control and Yield Optimization System

  • Variable row-height machine learning system for accurate row-to-row backtracking
  • Consistent energy-boost differentiated by real site-specific measurements to avoid inter-row shading
  • Diffuse light production gains
  • Average production boost of 2-3% with a potential 6% maximum energy enhancement
  • Yield boost translates into large annualized revenue gains and lower LCOE

NX Navigator™ Industry-Leading Precision Monitoring and Control

  • Manage and protect assets at a utility plant scale from a single user interface
  • Advanced risk mitigation methodologies for wind, snow, flood, and other extreme weather
  • Independent lab-tested hail stowing: 300% impact reduction
  • O&M command and control capabilities
  • Utilized in synergy with our superior wind-engineering design resulting in zero wind-related catastrophic events globally

Bifacial-Ready Features

  • High-rise rails
  • Bearing gaps
  • Wire management
  • Drive-system gap
  • Proven bifacial performance gains

To learn more about Nextracker’s bifacial-enhancing benefits, click here

First Solar Integration

Nextracker’s NX Horizon is fully compatible with First Solar Series 6 thin-film modules with module rails optimized for different sizes and weights.