Powerhouse’s Emily Kirsch interviews Dan Shugar on Watt It Takes Podcast

Dan Shugar lives, breathes and bleeds solar.

“If you cut my wrist, pure silicon comes out,” he exclaimed in an interview with Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch, as part of the Watt It Takes interview series.

This week, Shugar steps behind the microphone to talk about turning his passion for PV into deals and acquisitions worth over $1 billion.

#TheShug has a storied career. Some call him the “King Midas” of solar, because he’s turned so many ventures into gold. He’s the former president of Powerlight, the pioneering developer acquired by SunPower in 2006. He’s now CEO of the tracker company Nextracker, which was sold to Flextronics for $330 million last year.

In this edition of Watt It Takes, our CEO describes the moment he realized solar’s potential while working for PG&E; how Powerlight was founded and funded; the risks he took when getting into solar; his passion for the environment; and why everyone is underestimating the growth of PV.

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