Technology and Innovation Leadership

Nextracker leads the industry in patented features and capabilities that increase plant performance and reduce costs for developers, asset owners and EPCs because we are coded with innovation and a customer-first attitude.

How Did We Start?

When the company’s founders set out to redefine the then-existing single-axis solar tracker technology, they started with a clean slate, designing and engineering a ground-breaking system with many factors in mind, all of which would lead to superior performance and lower overall cost of ownership to operate the plant.

Durable, consistent performance in many site conditions
Ease and speed of installation, commissioning and maintenance
Self-adjusting algorithms for remote control
Advanced monitoring and digital connectivity
Superior Performance

The company has become a leader in a number of areas that have optimized performance, increased resiliency, and optimized performance of our smart solar trackers. Learn More

Independent Tracker Rows
Our self-powered, decentralized architecture has no hard links between the tracker rows. This allows each row to be commissioned in advance of site power and simplifies operational maintenance Learn More
Software Solutions
Advanced solutions such as the TrueCapture energy yield enhancement platform and NX Navigator plant operations and extreme weather mitigation software keep the power plant performing well over the span of its life cycle. Learn More
Risk Mitigation
With our partners, we have extensively conducted dynamic wind, hail and other extreme weather analysis; our research have delivered major risk mitigation benefits in system uptime. Learn More
All-terrain Solution
A deep dive into geotechnical engineering played a major role in the development of the NX Horizon-XTR all-terrain tracker. Learn More
In the fast-growing agrivoltaics application, our systems are integrated with agricultural and animal husbandry operations on a growing number of solar farms. Learn More
Advanced R&D
Our best-in-class quality, reliability and safety programs include both Nextracker’s own operations and those of our supply chain partners. We are actively engaged in advanced R&D in the field and at our Centers for Solar Excellence facilities in the U.S. and Brazil.