Asset Managers and O&M

Optimizing performance for asset managers and O&M providers
Experienced Global Services Team
Our experienced asset management and global services team uses advanced data analytics and software to deliver best-in-class service and support. We replace guesswork through an integrated software platform that predicts, analyzes, and diagnoses system issues. Learn More
Independent-Row Architecture
Independent-row architecture reduces the cost of cleaning, vegetation management, and inspection operations by providing significantly easier vehicle movement along rows. Learn More
Remote Diagnostics and Data Analytics
Through the use of remote diagnostics and proactive data analytics, NX Global Services helps asset managers move beyond the reactive failure mode and truck-roll-based maintenance models of the past, optimize plant performance, minimize O&M costs, and enhance the value of the asset. Learn More
Cybersecure Data Hub
System uptime and performance optimization are keys to reaching energy, plant efficiency, and revenue goals. Nextracker’s cybersecure data hub continuously monitors the health and performance of our individual trackers as well as overall system operation. Learn More
NX Navigator Monitoring and Control

The NX Navigator software’s next-generation advanced remote monitoring capabilities maintain optimum tracker equipment health and availability, while its onsite active controls offer best-in-class safety defense, and extreme weather risk mitigation. Learn More

  • Our cloud-based Digital O&M software provides real-time and historical data analysis and monitoring of row-specific tracker angles, controller and battery health, motor and slew gear metrics, and overall system performance.
  • Our Global Services team uses advanced data analytics and monitoring software as well as localized, boots-on-the-ground support to deliver best-in-class service.
  • We maintain a global network of dedicated service and technical support centers and aftermarket parts warehouses.

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