Visit to Winneke Water Treatment Solar Project near Melbourne, Australia installed with Australia’s first terrain-following tracker

Today I had the pleasure of visiting, with our customer Beon Energy Solutions the Winneke Water Treatment Solar Project near Melbourne, Australia. Together we solved extremely challenging site conditions with Australia’s first terrain-following tracker.

This site had steep grade variations with tight pitch requirements, and zero allowable cut and fill requirements over the array areas due to cultural heritage and erosion requirements.

Beon’s General Manager, Glen Thomson noted “The Winneke site is incredibly unique for a solar farm given the nature of the slope, environmental sensitivity of the construction area and the geotechnical considerations of the site. The NX Horizon-XTR product was the ideal solution to deal with these challenges.”

The project incorporates Nextracker Inc.’s TrueCapture adaptive control system and software to significantly increase energy production by optimizing trackers for site terrain and dynamically adjusting for atmospheric conditions. Downloadable case study:

It’s fabulous to see Australia’s solar market expanding. Nextracker’s regional team, led by Peter Wheale from Sydney’s “solar beach” since 2015, is helping customers deliver successful projects in challenging conditions. Thank you all who helped fulfill this gorgeous project! To watch the video, please read the post here