Smart solar tracker yield optimization and control software
TrueCapture™ combines advanced sensors, weather forecasting, and machine-learning technologies to maximize energy generation for new and existing solar power plants. The software’s intelligent, self-adjusting tracker control and yield optimization system boosts solar power plant production by continuously optimizing the tracking algorithm of each individual row in response to site features and changing weather conditions.


Turning Data into More Gigawatt Hours
By pairing high-performing PV systems infrastructure with advanced software and data analytics platforms like TrueCapture, Nextracker equips power plant owners and operators with the ability to more accurately forecast energy goals. Learn More
Predictive Control Software
With its smart data capture and model-based predictive control software, TrueCapture helps customers maximize the benefits of their Nextracker systems. Learn More
TrueCapture’s Latest Innovation: Split Boost
The latest innovation to the TrueCapture platform, Split Boost, is a proprietary row-to-row tracking algorithm that helps maximize the energy gain of large-format, split-cell solar modules.
  • Takes advantage of the split-cell modules’ electrical architecture
  • Intelligently increases irradiance on the top half of the modules.
  • Enhances energy capture during the early and latter parts of the day.

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TrueCapture white paper

Case studies and third-party data validate TrueCapture optimization of utility solar plant performance

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Case Study

Independent field tests confirm TrueCapture boosts solar plant performance
Synergy with Bifacial Technology
Bifacial technology works in conjunction with TrueCapture and can enhance energy gain even more annually, up to 2% on top of the maximum potential of 6% gain. Learn More
Validated by Leading Independent Engineers (IEs)
Nextracker has worked with leading global IEs to confirm utility project field production benefits and include TrueCapture gains into their base-case P50 estimates. Learn More about TrueCapture gains here
Industry-Leading Secure Network
TrueCapture’s software and hardware ecosystem have incorporated the best in the industry to keep unauthorized access outside of the data network. All databases and servers are hosted on a secure, state-of-the-art cloud computing environment.
Machine Learning for Optimized Tracking
Proprietary smart panel sensors provide real-time shading information on each tracker row, which is then processed by machine-learning software processes to build a virtual 3D model. TrueCapture’s intelligent control engine integrates the model with the latest meteorological data to calculate and send optimized tracking commands to every row.
Adopted by Solar Developers and Asset Owners Worldwide
TrueCapture has been deployed on more than 22 GW of utility solar plants worldwide, owned and operated by some of the leading developers and asset owners.