Smart solar tracker yield-optimization and control software

Unlocking the Power to Increase Energy Production

Launched in 2017, TrueCapture™ represents the next evolution in optimization software, combining advanced sensors, weather forecasting, and machine-learning technologies to maximize energy generation for new and existing solar power plants

Energy harvest increased


Solar plants worldwide
Trusted by leading global developers & asset owners

TrueCapture’s intelligent, self-adjusting tracker control system has been field-proven to increase typical PV power plant energy harvest by up to 6 percent. The smart tracker yield optimization system boosts solar power plant production by continuously optimizing the tracking algorithm of each individual row in response to site features and changing weather conditions.

TrueCapture’s Latest Innovation: Split Boost

The latest innovation to the TrueCapture platform, Split Boost is a proprietary row-to-row tracking algorithm that helps maximize the energy gain of large-format, split-cell solar modules. By taking advantage of the split-cell modules’ electrical architecture and inherent shade tolerance, Split Boost intelligently adjusts how the tracker rows interact with each other to increase irradiance on the top half of the modules and enhance energy capture during the early and latter parts of the day.

Turning Data into More Gigawatt Hours

By pairing high-performing PV systems infrastructure with advanced software and data analytics platforms like TrueCapture, Nextracker equips power plant owners and operators with the ability to more accurately forecast energy goals by delivering consistent and reliable data-driven performance, extended system lifetime, enhanced solar plant efficiency, and maximized financial returns. By seeing into the electrical and mechanical health of our trackers at each plant, we enhance our real-time analysis and diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to be more proactive on our customers’ behalf.

  • Advanced monitoring and control software
  • Real-time analysis and diagnosis
  • Optimized energy harvest and plant performance
  • Extreme weather risk mitigation
  • Maximize financial returns

Predictive Control Software

TrueCapture combines advanced sensor, weather forecasting and machine-learning technologies to maximize energy yield. With its smart data capture and model-based predictive control software, TrueCapture helps customers maximize the benefits of their Nextracker systems.

  • Generates more revenues
  • Higher energy yields
  • Better availability
  • Lower operating costs
TrueCapture is very intelligent technology. Not only do we get more production -three and a half percent in this case -the panel’s get more sun than they got before we operated it without TrueCapture. We are getting materially more production adjusted for solar irradiance. For an owner like us, that’s super valuable.” — Bryan Martin,
EO D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments

Adopted by Solar Developers
and Asset Owners Worldwide

TrueCapture has been deployed on more than 19 GW of utility solar plants worldwide owned and operated by some of the leading developers and asset owners.

Better Performance
in Difficult Conditions

The real world isn’t flat, and a growing number of solar project sites feature uneven or undulating terrain. TrueCapture continuously dispatches optimal tracking algorithms to each tracker row, correcting for shading anomalies caused by uneven ground and changing weather conditions. The increase in power production widens the “shoulders” of the power production curve for any given day, resulting in better performance and lower LCOE.

Secure Network

The TrueCapture software and hardware ecosystem has incorporated the best the industry has to offer to keep unauthorized access outside of the data network. All databases and servers are hosted on a secure, state-of-the-art cloud computing environment following best operational practices, such as:

  • Encryption of all data in transit, from power plant to Nextracker’s cloud
  • Networking and software design and implementation
  • Closed-loop user-defined processes
  • Multi-layered architecture to ensure data and process protection

with Bifacial Technology

Bifacial technology works in conjunction with TrueCapture and can enhance energy gain even more annually, up to 2% on top of the maximum potential of 6% gain.

Validated by
Leading Independent Engineers

Nextracker has worked with leading global IEs such as Black & Veatch, Leidos, ICF, Luminate, UL, Enertis, and DNV to confirm utility project field production benefits and include TrueCapture gains into their base-case P50 estimates. Nextracker has deployed over 19 GW of TrueCapture on our tracker fleet with various independent power producer (IPP) owners/ developers and IE buy-in; these gains are being added to their financial and energy models above and beyond normal tracker gains.

Machine Learning for Optimized Tracking

Proprietary smart panel sensors provide real-time shading information on each tracker row, which is then processed by machine-learning software to build a virtual 3D model. TrueCapture’s intelligent control engine integrates the model with the latest meteorological data to calculate and send optimized tracking commands to every row.

TrueCapture is an adaptive tracking solution that can increase energy production for a PV plant that enables improved ROI for the lifetime of the project; especially for high terrain and high diffuse regions. DNV has developed an independent model that predicts diffuse and R2R energy gains, and the NX team has been open and engaging with DNV to validate modeled energy gains using approximately 1 year of field data from 1 site. Based on the data that DNV has reviewed, TrueCapture offers improved plant performance.” — Rounak Kharait,
Director of Section Solar Energy Assessments, DNV