Smart, Reliable Solar Trackers

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solar Tracker Portfolio

The combination of Nextracker’s flagship one-in-portrait (1P) NX Horizon™ and two-in-portrait (2P) NX Gemini™ trackers offers customers the industry’s most comprehensive solar tracker portfolio, delivering greater flexibility to reliably configure systems at project sites for maximum energy output across a broad range of site and weather conditions. With close to 50 GW of trackers delivered or in construction, Nextracker has held the top global market-share position for five years and counting.

The complementary systems – optimized for monofacial, bifacial and thin-film PV panels – leverage field-proven innovations such as independent-row architecture, state-of-the-art windproof design, Zigbee wireless, and intelligent control systems like TrueCapture and NX Navigator. Both tracker solutions are integrated with state-of-the-art wireless communications and are backed by Nextracker’s global asset management and Digital O&M services.

Designed for all-terrain

Advanced software and controls: TrueCapture, NX Data Hub, NX Navigator

Flood and inclement weather-resistant

Rigorous quality and reliability testing

Cove Mountain Solar Power Plant, Utah, USA. Plant features First Solar Series 6 technology and NX Horizon smart solar trackers. Photo courtesy: Swinerton Renewable Energy.

Built with field-proven quality and reliability, our flagship NX Horizon is the single-axis solar tracker of choice on more than 30 GW of projects around the world. Engineered for resilience, the NX Gemini (2P) solar tracker optimizes lifetime value and performance on sites with challenging terrain, irregular project shapes, and intense weather.

The benefits of bifacial PV module technology can be significantly amplified when mounting on the NX Horizon and NX Gemini independent-row single-axis solar trackers and are additive to the enhanced energy harvest made possible by the TrueCapture smart yield optimization system.

Nextracker’s distributed architecture and exemplary yield gain technology were critical to our decision. Having an assured tracker supply and cost savings guaranteed through Safe Harbor as we continue to plan our project pipeline is critical in advancing our mission of creating a more sustainable future.— Henry Yun, CEO 174 Power Global
Nextracker’s high-quality components and solid financial backing by Flex are important aspects of our solar strategy. NX Horizon’s balanced design and robust wind capability are ideal for our environmental and soil conditions, and will help maximize energy yield and cost savings.—  Jayant Parimal, CEO, Adani Green Energy
Nextracker has been an excellent partner in helping ACWA Power achieve its local content requirements and instrumental for us to deliver the low tariffs in the Middle East North Africa region, helping Saudi Arabia realize its vision 2030.— Dr. Andrea Lovato, VP & Head of Renewable Investment, ACWA Power
Mortenson and Nextracker have successfully collaborated on gigawatts of projects, from small jobs to over 300 MW systems. We are happy with Nextracker’s quality, responsiveness, and on-time delivery.—  Trent Mostaert, Vice President and General Manager, Mortenson Solar and Emerging Renewables
Nextracker’s technology has allowed us to optimize installation time on solar projects of any size and whenever we need support, they are right there. We’re proud to partner with Nextracker and look forward to our continued collaboration to provide high quality installations for utility and C&I scale solar projects across the energy market in Australia.—  Glen Thomson, General Manager of Beon Energy Solutions
The Nextracker team has always collaborated with us during their product development process, resulting in trackers that are faster to build, compatible for more sites and easier to maintain. NX Gemini is a strong tracker option for sites with challenging topography and geotechnical conditions.— George Hershman, president of Swinerton Renewable Energy

NX Horizon: Field-Proven Performance and Reliability

Accepted as the gold standard of solar trackers by developers, owners, EPCs and operators, the NX Horizon has been the tracker of choice on more than 45 GW of solar power plants worldwide. The one-in-portrait (1P) smart solar tracker system delivers the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and has been deployed more than any other tracker. Combining best-in-class hardware and software, NX Horizon helps EPCs and asset owners maximize performance and minimize operational costs.

Superior BIfacial Performance up to 1.5%: NX Horizon produces significantly more bifacial energy than typical 1P trackers. For example, NX Horizon would deliver an 8.0% bifacial energy gain for a specific site vs. a 6.5% gain from other standard trackers. How? NX Horizon’s optimized design, which features PV modules elevated higher above the tubes and a tracker drive system not located under the modules themselves. This bifacial performance superiority has been empirically validated with PVsyst for sites at NREL, PVEL, and Nextracker’s Center of Solar Excellence. Learn more, here.

Design Flexibility, Rapid Installation: NX Horizon’s reliable self-powered motor and control system, balanced mechanical design and independent row architecture provide project design flexibility while lowering operation and maintenance costs. With its self-aligning module rails and vibration-proof fasteners, NX Horizon can be easily and rapidly installed. The self-powered, decentralized architecture allows each row to be commissioned in advance of site power and is designed to withstand high winds and other adverse weather conditions.

Smart Controls, Optimized Performance: When paired with the TrueCapture smart control system, NX Horizon provides as much as 6% more energy production. Further unlocking the advantages of independent-row architecture and the data collected from thousands of sensors across its built-in wireless network, the software continuously optimizes the tracking algorithm of each row in response to site terrain and changing weather conditions.

Long-Term Durability: Quality and reliability are designed and tested into every NX Horizon component and system across our supply chain and manufacturing operations. Nextracker is the leader in dynamic wind analysis and safety stowing, delivering major benefits in uptime and long-term durability. Learn more, here.

NX Gemini: Ready for
Challenging Site Conditions

The NX Gemini two-in-portrait (2P) solar tracker optimizes lifetime value and performance, helping project developers and asset owners get the most from their power plant. Ideally suited for sites with challenging soils, high winds, and irregular boundaries, the ruggedized 2P tracker features a patent-pending distributed drive system for maximum stability in extreme weather, eliminating the need for dampers and producing virtually zero energy losses associated with stowing.

Cost-Effective Installation on Difficult Sites: NX Gemini’s flexible 2P module configuration allows for the maximum number of modules per foundation, requiring only 60 meters and seven foundation posts to provide support for up to 120 modules on four 1500-volt strings. With the lowest number of foundations per megawatt on the solar tracker market, NX Gemini helps reduce tracker installation costs on difficult sites. Construction velocity is further enhanced by a simple assembly process, which uses electric tool-actuated swaged fasteners and bolted connections, with no field cutting, drilling, or welding required.

Bifacial Ready, Software Intelligence: NX Gemini leverages the field-proven innovations found in NX Horizon, such as independent-row architecture, intelligent control systems, and wireless communications. The 2P tracker can be equipped with monofacial, bifacial or thin-film PV modules and integrated with the entire Nextracker software ecosystem, including the TrueCapture and NX Navigator advanced smart control and monitoring platforms.

NX Horizon Data Sheet

NX Gemini Data Sheet

Bifacial: Optimized for Performance

Bifacial PV modules are one of the most compelling performance-enhancing technologies for large-scale solar. By harvesting energy from both sides of the same module with the right site conditions, appropriate albedo, and optimized module design, bifacial will boost plant output by a significant margin.

Significant Power Output Increase: The pairing of Nextracker’s NX Horizon and NX Gemini smart solar trackers with bifacial PV modules significantly enhances energy harvest and increases power output. Data from Nextracker’s bifacial test center and field testing shows DC gains of 6-15% or better (depending on albedo) with mono-PERC bifacial modules mounted on Nextracker systems.

Maximized Rear-Side Irradiance: NX Horizon’s bifacial-friendly design features optimized mounting rails, large height-to-width aspect ratio, and spacing between the bearing and piers that maximize rear-side irradiance, eliminate structural shading and reduce mismatch loss factors. When modeled with PVsyst versus competitive 1P tracker designs, NX Horizon increases up to 2% more annual bifacial energy gain compared to other systems. When bifacial is combined with TrueCapture smart tracker control and yield optimization software, the energy gains can be even greater.

High-rise rails 90 mm tube to cell
Bearing gaps
Drive system gap