Welcome to Shug Speaks

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Dear Renewable Energy Colleagues,

We are excited to launch a new channel on the Nextracker website: Shug Speaks. On this platform, we’ll be sharing our latest thinking about energy policy, clean technologies and business practices, and important environmental, industry and company issues.

It has been a tremendous six years since we launched Nextracker, with more than 17 gigawatts of smart and connected solar trackers either delivered or in fulfillment. And an amazing 30 years in solar working with the best and brightest.  We have moved the needle with our valued customers and industry partners to help transform solar into the largest new energy generation source.  With you, we have effectively made the term “alternative energy” obsolete.

To accelerate our exponential growth, we must navigate serious challenges ahead, including:

  • Managing the grid better through regionalization and modern planning methods, which will help avoid curtailment of solar during daylight hours;
  • Embracing opportunities for incorporating energy storage into the grid to achieve its full potential by stacking value services such as frequency demand shift, peak shaving and resource adequacy.
  • Aggressively electrify everything for the benefit of customer load and demand, from transportation through water heaters, space heating and other appliances;
  • Deliver integrated solutions for customers as fully baked, optimized products, not just sets of individual components

Most importantly, we need to speak with one voice and actively partner to make solar and wind the dominant energy sources on the grid.

We begin by sharing our ideas on Shug Speaks and hope to hear from you as we move forward together. Drop me a line if you have ideas you’d like to see discussed here.

With sincerest gratitude,

Dan (“Shug”) Shugar