Nextracker Partners with Ørsted and Lincoln Clean Energy on 420 MW Permian

Solar Plants

Ørsted is the first utility operating solar and onshore and offshore wind in the U.S. and recently sold its power grid and residential distribution business to accelerate its transition to renewable energy and position itself as key player in offshore wind power – a great example of a smart pivot made by a leading energy company.

Nextracker is thrilled to be providing smart solar trackers with patented TrueCapture technology to Orsted’s 420 MWac Permian Energy Center project with partners Blattner Energy, Jinko Solar, and JA Solar.

In the starkest imaginable example of energy transition from fossil to renewable, Orsted’s Permian solar project will be built on a depleted oil field, and solar energy will be sold under long term contract to ExxonMobile energy trading.

Listen to a visionary interview with CEO Henrik Poulsen regarding the strategic merger with developer Lincoln Clean Energy, LLC.  This project is the latest success of Lincoln’s Declan Flanagan, Neil O’Donovan, Francis O’Sullivan and team, which has developed over $2 billion of solar and wind in the U.S – a fantastic choice for Orsted’s launch to solar.

In this inspirational brown to bright field story, 3560 acres of non-productive land will host 1.3M PV modules powering an equivalent of 100,000 US homes and create 300 high paying jobs during construction.

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