Another Week, Another Trade Crisis

Another week, another trade crisis.

If you are involved in utility-scale solar in the United States, you should be looking very seriously at the size, sophistication, and scale of your equipment providers supply chain to navigate this volatile period.

Nextracker is manufacturing trackers on 5 continents and is your proven partner. We are the global market share leader four years in a row (read my statement here), delivering more trackers than the next three providers combined over the last few years. We are here for you with secure supply, performance, and durability, and project services support. 

Nowhere in renewables are tariffs more hurtful than for PV modules. U.S. demand is raging but with still limited non-China capacity, prices have spiked. PV in the U.S. is >40c/W while the rest of world is <30c/W. We should end punitive PV tariffs, which are threatening investment in clean energy projects that benefit local communities, the renewables job market and the world. 

More efforts are needed to ease to disruptive global trade wars happening. Longer term, this type of bad economic policy results in inflation (ex: Brazil). In this uncertain time, PV system customers are wise to work with providers with diverse supply chains.

PV Magazine’s Christian Roselund wrote a great article on the impacts of the Trump tariffs on Mexico on the solar industry here

“As the latest, last Thursday U.S. President Donald Trump stated that the United States will impose a 5% tariffs on goods imported from Mexico, until such time as that nation stops the flow of migrants crossing its border.” 

Roselund notes, “However, Flex is a global company, and Nextracker has advertised this fact in noting that this makes it more resilient in the face of tariffs.” 

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