Installer Videos

Installer Videos

Installer Videos

The NEXTracker video series on our Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and tools is intended to teach best practices during the installation of NEXTracker single-axis solar tracker systems. The video series is meant for general guidance on operation and maintenance of our HPU and installation tools. Please refer to the operator’s manual for proper operation and maintenance and additional reference.

Tool Series

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Stanley Cordless Tool Set Up & Maintenance

NEXTracker Tools Series: 913F Powerig®

NEXTracker Tools Series: SF20  BobTail® Tool

NEXTracker Tools Series: 2624 BOM®

NEXTracker Tools Series:A1100 244BT Module Tools

Stam;ey Cordless Tool Instructional Video

NEXTracker HPU Instructional Video Series: Safety and Inspection

NEXTracker HPU Instructional Video Series: Hydraulic System 

NEXTracker HPU Instructional Video Series: Electrical System

NEXTracker HPU Instructional Video Series: Startup & Charging Tools 


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Tooling Overview

Tool Guide

Operator’s Manual



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