White House Proposes Panel to Counter Global Consensus on Global Warming

In the category “you can’t write stuff this bad”, it appears National Security Council technology adviser William Happer is heading a White House effort to “reassess” current conclusions in the National Climate Assessment and undo the scientific, international consensus of global warming.

Photo Courtesy of Wu Hong/EPA, via Shutterstock and the New York Times.  

The new working group will include federal scientists who doubt the severity of human impact on climate change and counter data-proven conclusions that the continued burning of fossil fuels is driving global warming and causing dire consequences today, let alone over the next few decades. Unlike an earlier plan from top administration officials to establish a federal advisory panel, this initiative will not be subject to public disclosure regulations including that “they meet in public, are subject to public records requests and include a representative membership”.

William Happer, who proposed the panel, is a climate skeptic who headed an advocacy group called the CO2 Coalition, which sought – with funding from the Kochs and Mercers – to change perceptions on the scientific consensus on climate change in the public and government. In 2009, he claimed the global crackdown on emissions would be seen by future generations in the same light as Prohibition restrictions on alcohol and compared the “demonization” of carbon dioxide to the treatment of Jews under Adolf Hitler. Read more about Happer here.

Really? Has it come to an Orwellian doublespeak organization subverting the collective intelligence of our best and brightest scientists?

As noted in the referenced WP article below, “Just last month, the national intelligence director delivered a worldwide threat assessment that “climate hazards” including extreme weather, wildfires, droughts and acidifying oceans are worsening, “threatening infrastructure, health, and water and food security”.”

Over the last two decades, there has been broad consensus across federal researchers in multiple disciplines and under Democratic and Republican administrations that reinforce the intensifying climate change as a threat to the world.

I’m with Rear Adm. David Titley (sits on the advisory board of the Center for Climate and Security): “I never thought I would live to see the day in the United States where our own White House is attacking the very science agencies that can help the president understand and manage the climate risks to security of today and tomorrow.” So disappointing!

Tomorrow (February 26, 2019), the U.S. House of Representatives will be having an oversight hearing on “Understanding the Changing Climate System and the Role of Climate Research). Live-stream can be found here.


Read about the working group in detailed reporting from the Washington Post here.

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