PowerworX: Training the Clean Energy Workforce

Hands-On Instruction for Solar Workers

Nextracker is strongly committed to training the clean energy workforce of today. We have trained close to 1,000 solar workers at our PowerworX Academy locations in the U.S., India, Brazil, the Middle East North Africa, and Australia. Our seasoned instructors provide cross-functional, hands-on instruction to solar workers on the fundamentals and finer points of the design, installation, commissioning, software, and operations and maintenance of our advanced PV systems.

Brazil PowerworX instructors, Sorocaba, Brazil

PowerworX training does not take a purely academic approach. We are all about hands-on experience. Much of the training takes place at our outdoors facilities, where we are going to put you to work, so you can get a feel for how to handle our specialty installation tools and see our systems up close and personal. Our goal is to put you in a position to do your best work out in the field and help train your coworkers.

PowerworX US training in session at the Center for Solar Excellence, Fremont CA

Professional Development Credits

In the U.S., graduates of PowerworX Academy courses earn 7 points toward a NABCEP degree, one of the most respected certifications in the U.S. solar industry. In Australia, our PowerworX 101 course is accredited by the Clean Energy Council (peak professional body for electrical installers nationally) and successful graduates earn 15 CPD points.

We are constantly updating our global PoweworX sessions so please check back to this page to find out our schedule. Due to the Shelter in Place COVID-19 restrictions in Brazil, Australia and the U.S., we do not have any sessions scheduled. If you have any questions, email us at powerworx@nextracker.com

US PowerworX Academy students
PowerworX India graduate receiving certificate after course completion, Hyderabad, India
Australian solar installer graduates of PowerworX Academy

Custom O&M Training

If you are a customer and would like to arrange for a private O&M training in our Center for Solar Excellence in Fremont, CA, Sydney, Australia, or other locations close to your project site, we will customize training that is just right for you and your installation or O&M crew. In this exclusive O&M training, we cover topics such as Installation, Commissioning best practices, SPC firmware, NCU firmware, torque tube inspections among other key topics aimed at helping you and your crews learn optimum installation techniques of the NX Horizon and NX Gemini smart solar tracker systems. For more information, email: OandM@Nextracker.com.

PowerworX 101: Tracker Installation

You will spend the majority of your time during this session out in the field. This session will cover:

  • Product Overview
  • Product Installation Training
  • Equipment Demonstration
  • Hands-on Installation
  • Logistics and Quality
  • Commissioning
  • Design and Quality

Class consist of 15-20 participants for an optimal learning environment.

NABCEP CEUs: 6 Credits

PowerworX 201: Commissioning

You will split your time between classroom and hands-on commissioning experience in the field. This session will cover:

  • TrackerCX software
  • NX Stand-Alone Commissioning Kit (STACK) installation and operation
  • Software interfacing with NX controllers
  • Wireless communication protocol
  • Controller parameters to make a tracker follow the sun

Our knowledgeable experts will be available throughout the session to answer all your questions.

NABCEP CEUs: 7 Credits

PowerworX 202: Operations and Maintenance

The majority of your time will be in the field for hands-on learning and execution. This session will cover:

  • TrackerCX software
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Installation quality inspections
  • Major component replacements

Working in small groups, you will have access to a deep bench of operations and maintenance experts.

NABCEP CEUs: 7 Credits

Nextracker has been an excellent partner in helping ACWA Power achieve its local content requirements and instrumental for us to deliver the low tariffs in the Middle East North Africa region, helping Saudi Arabia realize its vision 2030.— Dr. Andrea Lovato, VP & Head of Renewable Investment, ACWA Power
Nextracker’s outstanding solar tracking solutions are enabling us to optimize our commercial solar deployments for critical commercial projects in Jordan. The technology is ideal for the desert environments so common in the Middle East. We look forward to extending our partnership with Nextracker, as their tracking solutions are superior – and their experience and customer service are unparalleled. – Dr. Ala Qubain, CEO, Mustakbal Clean Tech
It's been a huge pleasure to come out here, see things in person and really get a feel for what we're gonna be putting in. I think our project’s gonna go well and go fast, which is the name of the game.— Chris Kelly, Project Engineer, McCarthy Building Companies
Anyone who takes PowerworX training is going to leave with great hands-on experience but also the contacts and the connections from the people they meet throughout the day. They get the full picture of what our company, product and designs are all about.— Melissa Cooke, Project Engineer & PowerworX Instructor
My favorite thing that I've learned from PowerworX would be the simplicity of the install of the Nextracker product.— Jeff Hidler, Site Manager, Biosar Australia