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Historically, the United States have been one of the big four solar markets driving global industry demand year after year. According to recent forecasts, the cumulative solar power capacity in the U.S. will surpass 100 GW by 2021. Utility-scale projects have been the main drivers of these exceptional growth rates — and NEXTracker is right there in the thick of it.

Utility-scale PV plants are 75 percent cheaper than they were eight years ago. And as a pioneer among pioneers, we at NEXTracker make sure that the solar industry can continue to ride the cost curve by slashing Balance-of-System costs with our innovative single-axis tracker technology. No trenching, no grading, no wires, less steel, higher yield, easier O&M, and superior reliability add up to millions in savings. We also know how to get your project in the ground fast, a prerequisite to keep up the pace — or accelerate it even further. We have the right solution for your solar power plant, big or small. Let’s power on into a bright renewable energy future.

Quick Facts

  • 5GW NX Horizon projects
  • 75%  PV Cost decrease since 2007
  • 120Market growth since 2005
  • 16GW 2016 PV Forecast



We are working with the biggest EPCs and solar developers in the U.S., designing, building, commissioning, and servicing the most advanced PV power plants to date. They trust NEXTracker with their projects — and so can you.

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NEXTracker Projects

Our portfolio in the U.S. consists of a wide variety of projects large and small, challenging and beautifully simple. Whether you are looking to build in the deserts of Arizona or in the swamps of Florida, we have the right solution for you.




Founded in California’s Central Valley, CalCom Solar provides energy solutions for commercial agricultural operations and water management organizations. Ranked #3 in the Inc. 500, the success of the company reflects CalCom Solar’s sustainability ethic and strong conviction that a company can provide customers with reliable energy solutions, provide stable jobs in disadvantaged areas, maintain profitability, and have a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Take a world tour with NEXTracker as we soar above agricultural lands, deserts and plains with glorious drone footage of solar projects – both small and large.

CalCom Solar is a solar contractor in California’s Central Valley. The company is specialized in helping the big agricultural businesses in the area to turn their energy liabilities into a productive asset that makes them money. CalCom prefers to build with NEXTracker.


In support of advancing the power plant of the future across the globe, NEXTracker is a member of several leading global industry associations.




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