India & Solar: Fueling the Race against CO2


Ever since India paved the path for PV with its National Solar Mission in 2010, clean power generation has taken off on the subcontinent. At the beginning of 2016, the installed solar capacity had grown to 5.3 GW in India. And we at NEXTracker are part of the success story, having signed a multi-year 400 MW supply agreement for our innovative trackers in 2015.

We believe in the Indian market just as much as the country’s government. Seeing that renewable energy is becoming increasingly cost-competitive to fossil fuels, India revised its initial clean energy target and now shoots for 100 GW of solar by 2022. Several state governments are also stepping up and promote their own policies for PV adoption.

India is on its way to install 4 to 6 GW of solar annually in the next couple of years with the peak of 10 GW expected in 2017. We see ample opportunity and are proud to fuel the race against CO2 emissions in India, a country with strong economic growth, rising energy needs, and ideal solar resources. Read our latest press release here: NEXTracker Delivers India’s Largest Solar Tracker Plant for Adani (1 September, 2016). 

Quick Facts

  • 100 GW Solar power target 2022
  • 10 GW Expected installation 2017
  • 5.3 GW Cumulative capacity in Q1 2016


The signing of a 400 MW supply agreement with one of India’s premier renewable power firms in August 2015 marked the start of NEXTracker’s expansion on the subcontinent. Take it as a sign of more good things to come as we partner with other developers and EPCs in the region.


In support of advancing the power plant of the future across the globe, NEXTracker is a member of several leading global industry associations.



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