Australia & Solar: Bound to Rebound


After a cloud of political uncertainty has been lifted, Australia’s solar industry expects to  rebound. While it initially had the most success in the small rooftop market, the industry is now looking to develop big-scale commercial projects. This is where NEXTracker can offer a superior value proposition, with our 70 MW project in New South Wales as a prime example.   

Australia’s Renewable Energy Target requires 33 GW of electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2020. In addition to this federal guideline, several territories have set even more ambitious goals. Both South Australia and Queensland aim for 50 percent renewables by 2025, while the Australian Capital Territory is aiming even higher for 100 percent renewables by 2025.

Because the federal Clean Energy Finance Corporation no longer supports large scale wind and rooftop solar projects, utility-scale solar becomes the natural choice for developers. With our NEXTracker solutions that maximize energy generation and minimize maintenance costs, we are set to boost Australia’s run to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. We don’t just sell the industry’s most advanced trackers, we solve problems.

Quick Facts

  • 33GW Renewable energy target by 2020
  • 50% Renewable target in two territories
  • 4.4GW Total solar capacity at the end of 2015


As the Australian solar market starts to focus on utility-size projects, we want to demonstrate what our NEXTracker experts can do in challenging conditions like at the Moree Solar Farm.


In partnership with Elecnor, FRV, and ARENA, NEXTracker deployed this 70MW solar farm on the wide open plains of northern New South Wales. In a region with one of the highest Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) in the world, NX Horizon’s expansive arc of 120 degrees harvests the solar potential of Australia. Combining the highest irradiance and the most powerful tracking technology on the planet with a reduced total cost of ownership makes the Moree Solar Farm an outstanding PV model project. Watch this video to see solar history being made in Australia.

The Moree Solar Farm represents the first of its kind: the deployment of NX Horizon self-powered tracker in Australia. Let us take you on a tour of a New South Wales solar power plant in action. 


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In support of advancing the power plant of the future across the globe, NEXTracker is a member of several leading global industry associations.

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