Australia & Solar: Shining Brightly


As the first to be involved with Australia’s large-scale solar sector’s rise (Rystad Energy), NEXTracker builds upon lessons learned from projects deployed in almost every Australian state and territory to offer groundbreaking solutions that maximize energy generation at lower operational cost.

Local Australia Office & Training Programs

Our local office is located in Manly’s “Solar Beach” alongside other key solar industry players, Edify Energy, Wirsol, Solar Choice, Lloyds Register and RINA Consulting. Our full spectrum operation spans design engineering, sales, project management, and O&M. We’ve built our local team to provide our customers with exceptional service driven by our understanding of Australia’s energy policy, legal landscape, and physical terrain and climate. Since the uptick of the Australia solar boom, we’ve been your partner from the beginning.

  Our solar installer training program, PowerworX Academy, is offered to any customer or 3rd party installer working on a project using NEXTracker’s NX Horizon solar tracker. Conveniently located just outside Sydney, our PowerworX Academy site provides a state-of-the-art technology center to meet the growing demand for skilled workforce in the burgeoning solar market nationwide and is the only program AS4801-certified for best-in-class safety processes and systems.


Australia’s Solar Tracker Market

Australia’s Renewable Energy Target requires 33 GW of electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2020. In addition to this federal guideline, several territories have set even more ambitious goals. Both South Australia and Queensland are aiming for 50 percent renewables by 2025, while the Australian Capital Territory has its sights set even higher at 100 percent renewables by 2025.

As the fastest growing solar market globally in 2017, the Australian thriving solar industry has sustained a gigawatt-scale surge in its project pipeline with nearly 5 GW of projects projected to be installed from 2018-2023 (GTM Global PV Tracker Landscape 2018). While it initially had success in the residential rooftop market, the industry is now looking to develop utility-scale and distributed generation commercial projects. This is where NEXTracker can offer a superior value proposition as the market leader in Australia with over 2 gigawatts delivered and under fulfillment and the largest commissioned and energized solar power plant, 275 megawatt Bungala Solar near Port Augusta. We don’t just sell the industry’s most advanced trackers, we solve problems.

Top 5 Tracking Manufacturers by Development Status in Australia. Rystad Energy RenewableCube


Hear from VP of Sales, Australia and Asia-Pacific, Pete Wheale about passing the 2 GW installation milestone in Australia in a pv magazine interview here and why the right solar trackers make bankable sense in Australia here.

Quick Facts

  • 2GW+ NEXTracker projects delivered and under fulfillment
  • 33GW Renewable energy target by 2020
  • 5GW Installed solar projects expected from 2018-2023


As the Australian solar market focuses on both distributed generation and utility-sized projects, we want to demonstrate what our NEXTracker experts can do in challenging conditions like at the Moree Solar Farm, regardless of size. 


In partnership with Elecnor, FRV, and ARENA, NEXTracker deployed this 70MW solar farm on the wide open plains of northern New South Wales. In a region with one of the highest Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) in the world, NX Horizon’s expansive arc of 120 degrees harvests the solar potential of Australia. Combining the highest irradiance and the most powerful tracking technology on the planet with a reduced total cost of ownership makes the Moree Solar Farm an outstanding PV model project. Watch this video to see solar history being made in Australia.

The Moree Solar Farm represents the first of its kind: the deployment of NX Horizon self-powered tracker in Australia. Let us take you on a tour of a New South Wales solar power plant in action. 


Need more information? Download additional resources here.

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In support of advancing the power plant of the future across the globe, NEXTracker is a member of several leading global industry associations.

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