NX Drive

NX Drive

A standardized energy storage system for generation-plus-storage or stand-alone energy storage applications.

A standardized energy storage system for generation-plus-storage or stand-alone energy storage applications.

Driving the Standard

NX Drive provides a flexible, pre-engineered energy storage solution consisting of a standard ISO form factor enclosure with integrated electrical, mechanical, and thermal management features. Using advanced, patent-pending technologies to ensure safe operation and optimized performance, the container delivers a standardized system infrastructure for customer-supplied Tier 1 lithium-ion batteries. Watch this video to learn more:

Limitless Scale, Repeatable Execution

The NX Drive platform supports multiple battery technologies and configurations for maximum application and supply chain flexibility. The modular, pre-engineered design simplifies project development and enables repeatable deployment for maximum project velocity. This standardized product leverages industrywide supply chain efficiencies, scale, and volume, including Flex’s global manufacturing footprint across 30 countries.

Advanced Technology, Safety, and Compliance

NX Drive’s purpose-built, structurally reinforced enclosure features logistics-friendly dimensions equivalent to ISO HQ container standards and meets Z4 UBS seismic requirements. With an efficient internal design that maximizes energy and power density, the system’s patent-pending side-door openings enable easy access to all equipment from outside of the enclosure. A DC aggregator panel supports quick battery string connectivity, protection, and isolation, while the AC panel provides auxiliary power distribution.

The thermal management system of NX Drive is pre-engineered to battery manufacturers’ specifications for maximum performance and longevity, and features integrated fire detection and suppression system. UL9540-compliant systems are guaranteed to meet environmental requirements prescribed by battery manufacturers. SCADA-ready monitoring provides remote status awareness of the entire battery energy storage system.


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