NX Horizon

NX Horizon


Our Most Amazing Tracker Yet

Our NX Horizon™ is the most advanced single-axis horizontal tracker on the market. Tracking the sun was never more precise, more efficient, and more reliable. Powered by NEXTracker’s self-powered motor drive, each row of solar panels can now be built with significantly less steel and can be optimized for wider rotation angles. As a result, you will maximize your yield, pay less for operations and maintenance (O&M) and reduce the impact on the environment significantly.

Quick Facts

  • nxhorizonprojects10GWNX HORIZON PROJECTS
  • steel_saved86,247,743lbs.STEEL SAVED
  • trenching_saved468 MILESTRENCHING SAVED
  • energy_boost2%ENERGY BOOST WITH 120˚ ARC*


*average of 1-2% energy boost per project; actual energy boost will vary by site

Breakthrough Technology

Perfectly Balanced, Perfectly Engineered


We designed a mechanically balanced system that has no overturning moment at the core of the NX Horizon tracker. This allows us to bring down the number of piers needed for one row of solar panels by up to one third. The energy required to move the array is reduced as well and can be easily handled by one self-powered motor unit for each row. As a result, the rows can be a lot longer, featuring up to 90 solar panels mounted in portrait orientation.

A Better Angle

120-Degree Tracking for Higher Yield


Our NX Horizon rotates the solar panels up to 120 degrees (+/- 60 degrees), allowing for a higher energy yield of up to 2%. In case of a severe weather event, the rows can be moved into stowing position in less than 2 minutes. 

Less Maintenance

Every Row Deserves Freedom of Expression

Once installed, our NX Horizon tracker is easy to service. Because the rows are not linked with a drive shaft, maintenance vehicles can drive through the arrays freely. Plus, module cleaning and vegetation management becomes effortless and fast. Each motor is powered by its own dedicated solar panel (with integrated battery backup), making external power cables obsolete. As soon as the wireless controller is plugged in, tracking begins. Each controller has an integrated inclinometer, and can measure each row individually, sending its data through a wireless mesh network. This way we can ensure that the fleet of trackers is performing as it should, any time, all the time.

NX Horizon_cleanmode


Lower Installation Costs

Quick Set-up Thanks to Patented Design


Our NX Horizon tracker needs less steel than conventional trackers, allowing for quicker installation. You won’t need drive shafts or extra cabling to power the trackers, speeding the process up even further. NX Horizon is self-grounded, so you won’t have to pay costs and labor for installing grounding washers, braided straps, bare copper wire, and grounding rods. Furthermore, zero welding is required. Our patented fasteners make mounting the panels quick and easy. What’s more, these fasteners must be removed with special tools, providing theft deterrence. The fasteners are designed to hold their tensile strength indefinitely, so you won’t have to waste time and money checking and re-torquing these connections.


Tested and Bankable

We at NEXTracker combine decades of experience with solar trackers, having installed 3 GW solar capacity and counting. Our products have been vetted by independent engineering firms and selected by major solar developers and banks worldwide.

Rising Profits

Make More with Less

Our NX Horizon is designed to be simpler, smarter, and yield more with less to raise your profits. We take our work—and our customers—very seriously. Our commitment to quality ensures trackers of the highest efficiency and productivity and the best economic value. We at NEXTracker have a legacy of performance you can bank on.

Tech Specs

NX Horizon Specifications

  • Tracking Technology Horizontal single-axis balanced-mass tracker with independently driven rows
  • Tracking Range Up to 120° (± 60°)
  • Control System 1 Self-Powered Controller (SPC) per tracker; 1 Network Control Unit (NCU) per 100 SPCs
  • Communications Wireless ZigBee® mesh network/SCADA; no communication wiring required
  • Drive System One slew gear, 24 VDC motor and self-powered controller w/dedicated solar panel per row
  • DC Capacity 23-35kWp per tracker row, depending on panel type
  • System Voltage Flexible, based on system design; typically 1,000 to 1,500V
  • Power Consumption No grid power required
  • Ground Coverage Ratio Fully configurable by customer, typical range 30%-45%
  • Installation Method Rapid field assembly, no welding required 
  • Foundation Types Compatible with all major foundation types (driven pier, concrete foundation, ground screw) 
  • Standard Wind Design 100 – 130mph/161 – 209kph, 3 second gust per ASCE7-10; configurable for higher wind speeds
  • Safety Stowing Automated wind and snow stowing with self-controlled, integrated UPS with uninterupted power supply 
  • Torsional Limiter Included at each foundation/bearing for additional wind and snow load protection
  • Principal Materials Galvanized and stainless steel
  • Grounding Method Self-grounding structure; separate materials and labor not required
  • Compliance Grounding/bonding: ETL certified to UL2703 standards; structural design: ASCE7-10; solar trackers: UL 3703 by ETL; electrical components: UL 61010 and UL 508A 
  • Other Available Options Snow and Flood Sensors
  • Warranty 10 years on structural components; 5 years on drive and control systems; options for warranty extensions up to 25 years
  • Clearance Key mechanical and electrical components are safely 40 inches / 101 centimeters off the ground
  • Typical Dimensions Height 2.1 m/6.8 ft (@ 60°), Width 2.0 m/6.4 ft, Length 85 m/283 ft


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