Digital O&M

Digital O&M

Digital O&M

NEXTracker’s intelligent cloud-based Digital O&M™ software provides real-time data analysis and monitoring of our 10 GW tracker fleet and energy storage systems around the world.

Intelligent Data Analysis and Monitoring

NEXTracker’s intelligent cloud-based Digital O&M™ software provides real-time and historical data analysis, monitoring of row-specific tracker angles, controller and battery health, motor and slew gear metrics, and energy storage system performance. Our data acquisition and analysis play a critical role in designing for reliability from the ground up and managing quality along the entire supply chain, through installation and commissioning, and over the lifetime of the systems via smart operations and maintenance practices.

NEXTracker’s data platform continuously monitors the health and performance of our individual tracker and energy storage components as well as overall system operation. We automatically pull and examine data from each of our trackers and storage systems, all day, every day, all over the world.

Integrated Cybersecure Network

Through the carefully integrated in-house design of our controller hardware, firmware, software and drive systems, we pick out the right points to publish, monitor, and analyze. This powerful system, which is integrated into Flex’s Connected Intelligence™ cybersecure network, provides a single map view where system operators can identify issues at a glance and drill down to individual tracker rows and energy storage systems.

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