Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

NEXTracker takes an intelligent data-centric, customer-first approach to tracker and storage system lifetime support.

Maximizing Customer Returns

NEXTracker not only builds the next generation of single-axis solar trackers and energy storage solutions, but we also take an intelligent data-centric, customer-first approach to tracker and storage system lifetime support. Our experienced team has installed and operated gigawatts of projects around the world and has a proven track record of managing the health and well-being of our customers’ assets and maximizing their financial returns.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

When we say global, we mean it. We have dedicated service and technical support centers and parts warehouses, staffed by experienced local experts, located in the U.S., Australia, India, Latin America and Europe, with plans for growth in many regions around the globe. This regionalized service capability allows us to quickly respond to any technical request for our trackers and energy storage systems in nearly every key market in the world. Our global footprint reflects the strength of our parent company, Flex. With its strong financial support and more than 200,000 employees working around the globe, Flex brings us strong local market knowledge and tremendous reach. Our parent company supports the NEXTracker services teams and helps them localize their efforts, bolstering our presence, and accelerates our entry into new markets, allowing us to be closer to our customers.

Full-Spectrum Services

Our services run the gamut from the beginning of the presale engineering work, to construction support and project management, then onto plant commissioning and eventually to operations and maintenance (O&M) and asset management. The upfront team designs the tracker and storage system layouts, performs soil, topography, wind and other testing, and then transitions the process to our sales support team, before it moves onto project management. The project management group works with the customer, showing them how our tracker and storage systems work. After the plant is commissioned and generating or storing energy, our O&M and team takes over to manage the assets and keep the systems running at peak performance levels.

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Data-Driven Smart O&M

Developing a predictable operations and maintenance strategy at the outset of a project will ensure the bankability and a robust ROI throughout the system’s lifetime. Project owners and developers that thoroughly evaluate the O&M considerations of their solar tracker and energy storage investments will ensure that their precious assets achieve optimal energy generation or storage and maximized financial returns.

Since O&M-related labor is the biggest cost factor when maintaining solar power and energy storage plants, each truck roll avoided and man-hour saved translates directly to the bottom line, and that means asset managers require smart single-axis tracker and energy storage system monitoring and data analysis. Since tracking is critical to achieving the highest energy yields and storage boosts overall plant performance and ROI, having access to minute-by-minute tracker and energy storage performance data helps system owners and their O&M partners understand when and where to place maintenance resources to manage assets effectively while keeping the LCOE and LCOS low.

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