Bifacial + NX Horizon

Bifacial + NX Horizon

Bifacial & NX Horizon

Optimize your solar yield, maximize your returns with bifacial.

The benefits of bifacial module technology can be significantly amplified when mounting on NEXTracker’s NX Horizon self-powered, independent-row single-axis solar trackers. Field tests have shown that mono-PERC bifacial PV modules can generate as much as 14% more energy when paired with NX Horizon. Bifacial energy gains are also additive to TrueCapture smart control system, which translates to as much as 20% more energy harvest than traditional single-axis trackers using monofacial modules – as well as lower system LCOE.

Download the NEXTracker bifacial technology sell sheet here.

Maximized Rear-Side Irradiance

Since NX Horizon is built at rotation-axis elevations up to 100% of the total PV panel width, its large height-to-width aspect ratio maximizes module rear-side irradiance and helps maintain consistent irradiance along the underside of the modules, something which is difficult and costly to accomplish with larger-format trackers. NX Horizon’s structural design is bifacial-friendly, with the tracker incorporating bearing and pier gaps for the PV panels, so that they do not cover or shadow the top of bearings, piers or slew gear. This design feature eliminates direct shading and greatly reduces mismatch losses.

Optimized Mounting Rails

NX Horizon trackers are now available with bifacial-optimized mounting rails, which are designed to enhance rear-side irradiance and are compatible with other innovative technologies, such as modules featuring half-cut cells and center busbar architectures. With increased distance between the PV panel and the round torque tubes, back-side shadowing is minimal. Added clearance to the tubes ensures that in the case of center junction-box modules, no contact occurs, even in severe wind conditions. These rails also include a center gap to enable easy DC cable management and time-efficient installation.


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