Women’s History Month – Break The Bias Story

International Women’s Day Organization

Nextracker supports International Women’s Day #BreakTheBias Challenge

In a worldwide effort to bring awareness to the ongoing challenges of bias, sexism, racism, ageism, xenophobia, and ableism facing women across all industries, the International Women’s Day organization has introduced its yearly theme to support this awareness: #BreakTheBias.

The idea behind #BreakTheBias is to help to spread awareness and shift mindsets as these are the ultimate goals of the challenge itself. Women hold about 30% of the jobs in renewable energy but only about 20% of jobs in the overall energy sector, so greater gender and racial parity in the industry could help chip away at the wage gap and increase the role of women as drivers of innovative and inclusive solutions.

Biases show up for women in the workplace in a myriad of ways. Motherhood roles/maternity leave, elder care, performance reviews, upward mobility, microaggressions, and other economic and societal issues impact women working in the STEM field. In recognizing how these variables affect women–the most telling of which are the representation, hiring, and talent acquisition of women–it was important for us to show our solidarity.

We asked the Nextracker family to support this challenge by submitting their own photos to understand the impact of how far women have come, yet how far they still have to go to be considered equals in the workplace. The photos poured in from across the Nextracker global community.

Nextracker employees are setting the tone for how they’d like to see women and diversity become more visible in the energy industry and beyond by breaking biases associated with them.
Working together, we can help #BreaktheBias.