Advanced Research & Development

Innovation Is in Our DNA

Since our inception, we have provided innovative advanced technologies and services that help plant owners, EPCs and other stakeholders optimize the performance of their assets and keep them ahead of the curve.

A prime example is our acquisition of machine-learning software company BrightBox Technologies and subsequent development and deployment of our TrueCapture smart tracker control system. After more than a year of stealth R&D efforts and pilot programs with select customers, we brought TrueCapture to market.

The response to TrueCapture has been phenomenal. Asset owners and operators have benefited from enhanced production and maximized revenues from their power plants, while Nextracker has created an additional revenue stream and business development engine based on this highly differentiated technology. New smart software and controls systems such as NX Navigator offer additional value-adds to our customers. Read this TrueCapture case study to learn more.

Our R&D efforts underscore our commitment to innovation and partnership by providing access to one of the deepest, most multidisciplinary benches in the clean energy sector. It aligns with our mission to make clean, affordable solar power the number-one mainstream generation source on the planet and help mitigate the existential threat of climate change.

Nextracker Center for Solar Excellence and Bifacial Testing Center, Fremont, California, USA

Technology Acceleration at the Center for Solar Excellence

Based at our headquarters in Fremont, California, the Center for Solar Excellence is our in-house technology incubator, used for product and project development acceleration. This collaborative technology showcase enables our engineering teams and technology partners to:

  • Develop, test, and commercialize proprietary technologies with supply chain partners and labs.
  • Accelerate the time to market of advanced technologies (such as bifacial PV and large format module compatability) and deployment of systems in the field.
  • Work with developers and asset owners to reduce their upfront capital expenditures and O&M costs.
  • Offer global solutions that will enable optimized power plant efficiency and returns through future-proofed PV and energy storage technology and services.
  • Incubate new product concepts with a dedicated team focused on next-generation technologies ranging from modular power plant and microgrid platforms to software solutions and intelligent integration of various power plant systems.



Dr. Amir Shishavan, Nextracker PV systems performance engineer, examines NX Gemini bifacial 2P solar tracker.