Nextracker Brings Solar Manufacturing Home

Investing in solar manufacturing to build gigawatts of annual domestic solar tracker capacity, spur job creation, and reshore the US supply chain

A Track Record of Innovative Solutions

From terrain-following solar tracker systems that reduce capital expenses to smart software that boosts energy gain, the Nextracker team solves for what’s next

NX Horizon-XTR

NX Horizon-XTR, the industry’s most advanced all-terrain solar tracker, opens the door to the development of challenging project sites, while saving developers time and money


Nextracker solutions suite enhances performance and production, optimizes large-format and bifacial PV technologies, reduces lifetime costs, mitigates extreme weather risks, and more

New TrueCapture Whitepaper

White paper offers case studies and third-party data that validate TrueCapture optimization of utility solar plant performance
Solar Trackers
Nextracker’s flagship NX Horizon™ and all-terrain NX Horizon-XTR™ comprise the industry’s most widely deployed smart solar tracker portfolio. Learn More
Software and Controls
Our field-proven TrueCapture™ and NX Navigator™ advanced monitoring and control platforms are the foundation of the most sophisticated software ecosystem in the solar tracker sector. Learn More
Nextracker Solutions
At Nextracker, we’re all about providing solutions to our customers, whether it’s enhancing their production yields, protecting their assets from extreme weather, widening their options for project siting, or integrating advanced PV module technologies. Learn More
Bringing Solar Manufacturing Home
Creating new jobs, de-risking the domestic supply chain, and investing in solar manufacturing to build 10 GW of annual domestic solar tracker capacity. Learn More

Mission Statement

At Nextracker, we’re on a mission to be one of the world’s leading energy solutions companies, delivering the most intelligent, reliable and productive solar technology for future generations. If you are interested in being part of our committed, collaborative and diverse global team of innovators and changemakers, check out our Careers page.

Company Info & Careers

Our Global Presence

With more than 70 gigawatts of smart solar trackers installed around the world, no one has delivered more systems than Nextracker. Wherever we go, we offer training, invest in regional industry, and strive for a small carbon footprint. To learn more about our global reach and local impact, check out our Projects page.

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