Nextracker’s Sustainable Drive in Solar Technology

National Energy Conservation Day in India is a poignant reminder that we must foster sustainable practices to conserve energy and increasingly move towards renewable energy sources for a healthier planet. Celebrated on December 14, this day puts a spotlight on the critical role of solar energy in reducing carbon footprint and building a greener future. This year, The National Energy Conservation Day comes just after the 28th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP 28) in Dubai that saw some path breaking decisions to combat the ills of climate change.

During the 13-day annual meet on climate change, nearly 200 countries engaged in serious deliberations to find acceptable solutions that will ensure global temperatures do not rise above the 1.5°C threshold. A key highlight of the event was the renewable energy pledge signed by 118 countries to triple the world’s green energy capacity to 11,000 GW by 2030, thereby reducing the reliance on fossil fuels in generating energy. This underscores a burgeoning consensus on sustainable energy goals and these targets are crucial milestones in our global commitment to combat climate change. While solar, wind, hydropower and biofuels are seen as the fuels of the future, it is solar that will do bulk of the heavy lifting.

In the world of solar power generation, Nextracker offers a range of smart technology systems that significantly increases performance and reliability. As the world increases its renewable energy capacity, Nextracker stands committed to support this endeavor across the globe. That focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship starts with the design of our independent-row trackers, which works in harmony with the land, creating less disturbance of top soil – protecting regional habitats from pollinators to local fauna. Our NX Horizon™ and NX Horizon-XTR™ trackers are designed to optimize solar panel performance across different terrains in inclement weather.

As a clean energy champion, Nextracker sees sustainability as a mission-critical part of our organization. We have developed a data-driven framework of measuring, learning and implementing changes to the way we operate to become the most sustainable solar tracker company in the world, not only with our technology and products but also through our procurement and supply chain practices. While we are helping our customers raise the bar on solar power generation which is inherently cleaner than fossil fuel power generation, we are also working to cut down our own carbon emissions.

We established a responsible procurement program in 2021, encouraging supply chain partners to uphold our sustainability goals and work on continuous improvement. Recognizing its significant contribution to carbon emissions, we’re working diligently to localize and enhance our supply chain processes.

We offset 30% of energy that we consume at Nextracker’s global headquarters in Fremont, California, through onsite generation at our Center for Solar Excellence. We are completing the Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions and environmental impacts through the entire life-cycle of our products. This baseline allows us to find areas where we can reduce or offset our GHG emissions moving forward.

Every gigawatt of our smart solar trackers and clean solar energy production has a considerable positive impact. Our efforts have shown promising results as well. Every gigawatt of our smart solar trackers and clean solar energy production has a considerable positive impact. Our more than 85 GW of smart solar trackers contribute to annual CO2 emissions savings of 112 million metric tons, powering 14.7 million homes, decommissioning 30 coal plants annually, and taking 24.2 million cars off the roads. At Nextracker, sustainability is ingrained in our ethos.

Join us on this journey toward a cleaner future. Our commitment to sustainability is our way of creating a meaningful impact in the solar energy sector. The potential for a brighter future hinges on the actions we take today.

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