Nextracker Donates to Public Health Centers in Telangana, Uplifting 50,000 Lives with Sustainable Solar Solutions

Harnessing solar power microgrid solutions, making positive impact on local communities.

Hyderabad, September 5, 2023Nextracker, the leading global provider of intelligent solar tracker and software solutions partnered with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, an NGO dedicated to empowering underserved communities, to install state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at two Government Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in Kondapur and Atmakur, both located in Sangareddy district. These PV systems consist of 15 modules and boast an annual capacity of 6 kW. Through this collaboration, the two organizations aspire to enhance the lives of 50,000 individuals residing in the area by granting them access to high-quality healthcare services.

The solar installations are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by an impressive 4.33 teratons every year, making a significant contribution towards a cleaner and eco-friendlier future. By utilizing solar energy, healthcare can substantially have decreased their reliance on traditional grid electricity. This reduction translates to substantial and sustained cost savings, while potentially enabling credits or payments from utility companies.

Expressing his enthusiasm for this initiative, Mr. Rajeev Kashyap, Vice President and Managing Director, Nextracker, said, “At Nextracker, our mission is to create a world where equitable solar solutions meet communities’ most critical needs. Through our partnership with Samarthanam, we are committed to a future where solar innovation ignites hope and transforms lives. Uninterrupted power supply is the bedrock of accessible and affordable healthcare, especially for economically challenged. With reliable solar energy solutions, these centers will operate seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted treatments and services without the need for costly backup power sources. This initiative resonates with the larger energy transition sweeping across India, where solar power is revolutionizing healthcare in rural areas.”

Mr. Ravindra S Chitanalli, Manager Corporate Partnership, Samarthanam Trust, said, “At Samarthanam Trust, we believe that true empowerment comes from merging social responsibility with technological innovation. Partnering with Nextracker on this transformative solar initiative exemplifies our commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility for marginalized communities. Through sustainable energy solutions, we are bringing renewed hope and holistic care to the lives of thousands.”

Solar power serves as the bedrock of accessible and affordable healthcare, particularly for economically disadvantaged individuals. With reliable energy sources, these centres operate seamlessly, delivering uninterrupted treatments and services without the need for costly backup power sources. The integration of solar-powered refrigeration systems ensures the safe storage of medications and vaccines, even in the face of natural disasters and emergencies.

Working in tandem with SELCO Solar Light (P) Ltd, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled has expertly managed the installation and ongoing maintenance of these solar systems. The commitment to sustainability is evident through regular battery maintenance every nine months, guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply. The project’s longevity is secured by a comprehensive sustenance plan, ensuring a remarkable 25-year lifespan for the solar modules, coupled with battery replacements every five years.

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Nextracker is one of the leading providers of intelligent, integrated solar tracker and software solutions used in utility-scale and distributed generation solar projects around the world. Our products enable solar panels in utility-scale power plants to follow the sun’s movement across the sky and optimize plant performance. With over seventy gigawatts shipped worldwide, Nextracker leads the solar industry with solar tracker technologies that optimize and increase energy production while reducing costs for significant plant ROI. For more information, please visit Nextracker.

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About Samarthanam Trust
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is a National Award winning NGO established in the year 1997 by Founder Managing Trustee Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar and his schoolmate and childhood friend, Late Sugur Paramashivaiah Nagesh. Samarthanam, one of the biggest NGOs in India, works for the empowerment of persons with disabilities and the underserved through its diverse initiatives focused on providing quality education, accommodation, nutritious food, vocational training and placement based rehabilitation. It facilitates opportunities to enable persons with disabilities and the underserved to keep pace with the rest of the society. Today, Samarthanam Trust stands to be a complete solution provider by supporting education and livelihood needs of persons with disabilities and those from underprivileged backgrounds. The organization also facilitates direct livelihood opportunities to hundreds of persons with disabilities and women in distress through its Social Enterprises. Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI), the cricketing arm of Samarthanam, fosters the game of blind cricket and the visually impaired players across India.