Powering the Next Phase of Clean Energy Growth in India

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm during her recent trip to India to participate in the US-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership, highlighted the potential of the Indo-US bilateral energy cooperation in the context of strengthening energy security, creating an ecosystem for clean energy innovation and generating employment opportunities.

Creating a successful model for achieving ambitious climate and clean energy goals, starts with harmonized efforts on building efficient energy transition roadmaps, capacity building, job skilling and sharing of best practices. The burgeoning industry pivoted on the axis of innovation needs a well-skilled renewables workforce to keep pace with the dynamic changes and, ready to face its unique challenges.

At Nextracker Inc., we are committed to supporting India’s vision of meeting its renewable energy target of 500 gigawatts of operational capacity using domestic content. Nextracker India has steel manufacturing fabrication facilities in multiple locations covering close to 80% bill of materials. These advanced manufacturing facilities have a capacity of 10 GW/year for all steel components. We are constantly working to further support India in its decarbonisation journey and contribute to critical programs like National Solar Energy Mission and global initiatives like One Sun, One World, One Grid.

Nextracker is strongly committed to training the clean energy workforce of today. We have trained close to 1,000 solar workers at our PowerworX Academy locations in the U.S., India, Brazil, the Middle East North Africa, and Australia. Our seasoned instructors provide cross-functional, hands-on instruction to solar workers on the fundamentals and finer points of the design, installation best practices, commissioning, software, and operations and maintenance of our advanced PV systems. Nextracker offers customized training programs for EPC customers and third-party installers for hands-on learning and execution. We are also actively engaged in advanced R&D focused on structural, mechanical and geotechnical aspects in India.

Recently, Nextracker was chosen for NTPC’s prestigious, single-location 1.568 GW solar power plant in Khavda, Gujarat, with the most advanced solar hardware and software technologies. This is the largest contiguous solar power plant in India to date using smart solar trackers. Nextracker also signed a master supply agreement (MSA) with Amara Raja Power Systems Limited to deliver its award-winning solar trackers for NTPC Limited’s Nokh Solar Project – soon to be one of India’s largest solar parks. 25 marquee Indian solar power plants are operating successfully with an exceptional uptime across six states with Nextracker’s award-winning NX Horizon™ solar tracker solutions.

We stay steadfast in our promise to deliver high-performing systems to our customers, as well as support India’s goal to ensure that 50 per cent of the country’s energy requirement comes from renewable resources.