Nextracker’s Next Era: Refreshing Our Brand for the Energy Transition

Nextracker’s Brand for the Energy Transition

Like the solar industry, Nextracker has evolved substantially over the last five years. We marked the evolution by stepping back to reconsider who we are in the market, how we support our partners, customers and the industry, and where we are going. We took a clean look at all that defines us—from our vision to our logo—and we’d like to share what emerged.

Visualizing success

We started our rebranding by revisiting our mission and vision.

  • Our mission is to be the world’s leading energy solutions company delivering the most intelligent, reliable and productive solar technology for future generations.
  • Our vision is a world powered by renewable energy – where clean, affordable power is available to all.

The update reflects our focus on energy solutions that bring a better future to all. We’re inspired by it, and it captures what we hold true and the passion that unites us: creating a better energy future.

We’ve moved from a logo that had a tracker embedded in the typography to one with a newly separated brandmark. The circular mark captures the arc of the sun’s movement above—our when—and earth—our where—below, transected by a powerful slash that suggests a solar module and the strength of the steel and concrete structures that buttress our tracker systems.

The circle speaks to not only the planet—our why—but also the comprehensive solutions that we provide globally—our what. The mark also captures the innovation and engineering detail we pride ourselves in—our how—and you find our logo lives within the very fabric of our design.

Our name’s refreshed logotype has moved to a modern simplicity, alluding to how smart software and sophisticated analytics produce the clearest insights.

Celebrating our heritage, envisioning our future

Nextracker started during an era of massive change in the solar industry. As an engineering-driven, innovation-obsessed firm with an idea for a radically elegant tracker product, we focused on designing and manufacturing a durable, high-performance system from the ground up, one that could be scaled rapidly and help solar reach and exceed parity with conventional energy generation.

Keep in mind that in 2014-15, annual global tracker shipments were less than a few gigawatts and represented a small percentage of ground-mount hardware sales, so we weren’t just looking to reinvent trackers but to transform an entire market sector.

And scale we did. In a few short years, we’ve deployed gigawatts of our NX Horizon flagship tracker, attaining industry-leading global market share and helping propel trackers from an expensive, not-so-smart hardware option to the bankable large-scale, ground-mount racking solution in most regions around the world. We’ve helped drive exponential growth in the tracker sector over the past six years as well, which has gone from 1.3GW of total tracker shipments in 2013 to 35.16 GW in 2019, according to the latest WoodMackenzie reports.

As the cost of trackers and solar in general has plummeted and PV system intelligence has skyrocketed, our industry has grown from being a scrappy upstart to a serious challenger, beating the entrenched energy players at their own game. It’s not just that our economics match up or surpass the old guard or that we leave the planet a better place, but that we do it with a level of intelligence and insight that wasn’t available when Nextracker came to market.

Today, we are proud to deliver the most comprehensive portfolio of intelligent solar tracker and advanced software solutions for solar power plants available. We’ve made trackers an essential piece of the solar energy delivery system by embracing the digital era, developing smart technology, data monitoring and analysis, and global services that have put us in a leadership position for the renewables transition.

Nextracker’s next era will be as much about gigabytes as gigawatts, because deep analytics enables our PV technology to optimize system performance and maximize asset owner financial returns, paving the way for our vision of the integrated clean energy baseload power plant.

Rolling out the rebrand

With a clear mission, rejuvenated brand and succinct message, we are ready and able to continue making our vision a reality. Our team is being equipped with what they need to welcome the new brand, even if we can’t gather together for a celebration.

The digital revolution has redefined Nextracker and solar, and we are excited to bring the global energy transition that seemed like a distant dream merely a decade ago into reality. For Nextracker, it’s been an exciting ride, and we know we’re just getting started. As we look ahead to the next five years, we see opportunity abounding.